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  1. thanks LogDog i'll certainly give the single blade a shot.i always end up getting ingrown hair which then later develop into zits....i like the whole "shave like u are using a brush" idea as well also, the shaving when in the shower may help..will give it a shot. i usually shave once in 4-5 days..i really look ridiculous on the 4 or the 5th day,..and everyone at works gives me dirty looks cause i look uncouth and stuff..jerks ! anyways, adios my friends !!
  2. i hate it when someone stares or makes comments about my skin. i am so depressed with this whole thing...i am 26, and acne has taken has most certainly taken the best of me. i used to be the "know all do all" smart guy in my teens..so wheneevr i meet someone from that time, they make all sorts of comments...something on the lines of "what happened to you"..."where's all the attention you used to get" i just hate that it disturbs me.. its been 3 years since i have been hiding myself, canceling so
  3. please don't harm yourself in anyway. i am sure your parents need you..
  4. sorry to hear about your state. at least with regards to what medications you should try, i have no suggestion as nothing has worked for me. as for your feelings of harming yourself, i can say that i have felt that way too. i haven;t been suicidal, but many times i feel hatred towards myself because of the way i look. its very imp to have something that occupies your mind..as Juliet suggested, maybe a sport.. i prefer staying indoors as i am too embarassed to go out many times.. i have a big i
  5. shoots, sorry you have to go through that ..i reallly like the way you have still managed to keep your sense of humour intact ! goodluck..keep us posted..
  6. thats a tough one...at least for me, i get so damn embarassed of myself that i dare not even ask anyone to go out... this acne thing has really messed up our minds...i am 26...so its real odd going into a room of well groomed guys, and looking uncouth... -sk