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  1. Hi all. I thought I would share my experiences with you, in the hope that some of you may benefit from them. I have suffered with acne ever since I was 15 (I am now 34!). I had severe acne from the ages of 16 - 19 and was very low and depressed during this time as a result of my affliction. During most of this period, I was on one type of antibiotic or other. Then the doctor referred me to a dermatologist who put me on a course of Roaccutane over several months. It worked wonders and six months
  2. Don't do it dude! Like the folks above said, Ro-ac dries your skin really bad. Using another astringent on top of it would be murder for your skin. I was on Ro-ac for 3 months, then after my treatment period, I started to get the odd spot here and there. That's when I satrted to use BP cream again. I still get the odd spot here and there but BP pretty much controls it now.
  3. That's right. Unfortunately, us acne sufferers forget that we are not the centre of everybody elses universe. Just our own 99.99% of people wouldn't register or give a damn about our spots.