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  1. Ive used tretinoin for 2 months, and i must say it kinda purges the dirt under ur skin. But im on my 2nd month, and the red marks are clearing up And im using glycolic acid 15% in the morning tho xD
  2. lime is alkaline, if you know the formula for neutralizing, you should know you shouldn't mix them. acid + alkaline = salt + water ( neutral )
  3. I'd like to point out that defieciency of iodine would cause goitre, a thyroid gland diesease located right at your neck, my cousin had this diesease and went to hospital for about a year to cure it. So you can avoid foods high in iodine, but do get the recomended amount of iodine
  4. It's better u didn't learn from them Because if you did, i don;t thikn acne.org would even be created
  5. where do u obtain ur protein shakes? mind posting up the link to the product?
  6. pure honey contains no sugar...get it
  7. get a lactid acid cleanser or a glycolic one, preferably mild
  8. i think the reason it just sits on ur face and is not penetrating ur pores, it shouldn't be blocking sebum, which bacteria feeds on
  9. ur cleansing crema should break you out badly because of the wheat germ oil
  10. i recomend green cream, ur face will get worse in the first week or so, but the results will be marvelous if u continue using it the reason u're face wil lget worse is because the cream is pushing out all of the dirt from ur face
  11. retinol....most probably green cream, look at over the counter forum