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  1. I personally think it feels much more akward when someone actually is embarrised at what they said about my face. One time i was sitting in class with this one chick, and we talking about asian culture. I'm half asian, but I look full asian. She said something about how they have perfect teeth (I have perfect teeth from previous braces), how they're good at video games (I rock and she knows it) and how they get good grades (same here) and then she mentions "How they have perfect skin" then ro
  2. I just found some duct-tape-sized scotch tape laying on the floor. The tape is really wide, so it covers my whole cheek effeciently just with 1 peice. My only worry is that its too strong.. Probably not, since its not near as strong as actual duct tape. So anyways, I put 1 peice on my most scarred up and red marked cheek, and then I slowly pulled it off. What I found was amazing! Even After exfoliating, I found so much dead skin, and the whole tape peice was almost completely white. So,
  3. I clense my face with St Ives Apricot Radiance oil-free clenser. Then, I apply a basic 2.5% CVS-brand BP gel. Then I apply some greesy Neutrogena SPF15 moisturizer only when its really cold and dry outside. Almost 30 minutes after I apply BP (even without moisterizer) my face becomes really greesy, oily, and extremely shiny. Almost to the point where I could excuse my face as being "sweaty". In all seriousness; I would like a straight answer, is there ANY moisterizer / Cleanser that would h
  4. So, aparantly needling works very well. It just seems to take a long time. I have a lot of scars on my face, except none of them are too big. Is it OK to use a sewing needle or something? I'm a little young, and I don't know exactly how I would obtain one of those syringe needles. Am I allowed to get a perscription? Even if I am, wouldn't it be silly just to pay money for 1 needle if I have a lot laying around my house? I keep thinking needling will make scarring worse, because it reminds
  5. I always questioned moisterizer mainly because that Vasaline kind is pretty bad. It makes it feel more oily, and when I put my finger on my face it kinda comes off. I havn't actually done a comparison with vasline vs no vasaline, but I definitly feel a difference. Now, what kinda oil control moisterisers do you personally recomend?
  6. I love the comfortable dry feeling after you cleans and apply BP. It just feels... well..like a normal dry face would. I do not use moisterizer. All it does is make me feel uncomfortable for some reason. It feels as though I'm putting a mask on or some type of suffocating liquid on my face. I've been plagued with oily skin for 4 years now. When I did the clear skin regimen, it helped with the oil, but just a little. I can actually FEEL the oil on my face about 2 hours after putting bp on.
  7. Im not new though. I've been on it for like 3 months.
  8. After a good cleansing, I go into my room and start applying BP gel. I need to apply it all over my face, and its no big deal. But some areas are a little strange. If I apply the bp gel in some areas of my face (specifically the bottom of my chin, and my sideburn area), the bp gel will start to rubb off very easily. Its like all I have to do is rub my finger of my face, and the gel will start to roll off. Kind of like screwing around with play doe. It will roll into little strings and just
  9. This SHOULD help right? Will this help my cold? Is drinkning more than 2 or 3 cups a day, bad? Theres lots of articles on green tea and its benefits. But I want some peer to peer answers.
  10. ..touched my face today. I flinched really badly cause I've never been touched there in like 5 years. Dans regimen is working, I have smooth small pimples instead of rough sharp big ones. Hope++++++++++ Also.. my teacher has acne. Most likley because she is like 24 years old (kinda attractive :lol2: ) but anyway.. it looks like someone photoshoped her face because it has so much makeup on it. My first Halloween without my dad bickering "that surgar is gunna give you pimples!" Because after
  11. I keep asking myself this question. Acne (the pimple kind) is caused by bacteria right? The bacteria activates the immune system, and then it creates a red bump. Since BP gel kills the bacteria, pimples should not form right? So.. why do the pimples still form? Mass amounts of BP gel should constantly kill off any type of bacteria 24/7 (if kept on 24/7). So, how does the bacteria still get in!? I understand after 2 or 3 weeks that the pimples are still forming. Since thats how long it ta
  12. I have it much much worse. No really. Even if you were in the sun, I'd still have it worse in artificial light. I've had acne for like 7 years. Or as long as I can remember. All that added up to extreme redness. So please. Don't make yourself feel better by trying to look up pictures of people who have it worse. Its killing me inside. because I know I have it worse, and you just wanna look at my face to up your self esteem. Plus, your a girl. I don't want to wear make up. If your act
  13. After about 1 month on this regimen. My chin is clear. Like I remember when my chin was very mountainous. It had soo many whiteheads, that I was scared to touch my face because I was scared to cut myself After I popped them (i know, bad idea), I smeared like 1/8 bottle of nuetrogena 2.5 bp JUSt on my chin. After a few weeks, they never came back. The only think I have left are small little pimples that blend in with my red marks. Theres really nothing white on my face now. I remember
  14. I am a skateboarder, and I use a lot of my joints to move around on the board. I desperatly need accutane, and this is the only reason I don't want it. Its because I keep hearing that it makes the joints hurt, and I realy dont want to give up my passion just because I have acne. What are the chances of me having long term or forever back/joint pain? How severe is it? Enough for me to stop playing sports?
  15. ...untill I look at them. This can last as long as 5 minutes if I'm spacing out in math class (but, in my perifial vision, I can still see that one person looking directly at my face). Happens a lot when I'm partnered up with someone in school. The only way I would say something is if my self esteem was higher. But the only reason its low is because they look in the first place! I hate the sun too. The school lights have a blue tint in them (but you cant notice) so my red spots aren't as b