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  1. ^ That's the thing I'm not sure if it's working or if I just don't break out like I used to years ago before I started using it. I'm to scared to stop using them and find out but sometimes I really wonder if I need them or not so I wanted to know other peoples experiences with their prescription meds like Clindamycin and Differin which I am on. They never completely cleared me up so that's why I'm not sure if I really need them or not. I mean if they completely cleared me up and I was breaking
  2. I'm starting to wonder if I need my prescription meds anymore. I have been on Differin and Clindamycin for a little over 3 years now. I keep reading that both of these meds stop working after awhile, is this true? Am I just wasting my money on these products? I'd really like some opinions or facts about this as I don't want to continue to spend $110.00 a tube for Differin if I don't really have too, no insurance Thanks for the help!
  3. how much was your ipl treatment and do they look much better? do you have any pics? My IPL was $400 for the first 5 and $300 for the 6th one. Now however they charge $500 per session and it's not worth it in my opinion. I spent $2300 total and while I did have pretty good results, one side of my face has now once again been ruined by 3 lovely dark ass redmarks that I just got from a recent breakout. I have pics but not on my computer and I don't have a scanner to scan them. Also I don't want
  4. I've had redmarks for years too and the only thing that made them fade was IPL. They still aren't gone, just faded.
  5. IPL where I had it done was $400 a time, now it's $500! I can't believe they upped the price on it! Fraxel where I go is $1000 a time for full face, haven't had that done, only had IPL.
  6. I have to use suncreen as I am very fair and I burn really easily. Plus I'd rather not look 75 years old when I'm 40 from not using sunscreen and causing damage to my skin! That's why I am hoping someone reading this has had the same problem and can help me out. Any rec's will be appreciated
  7. I've tried countless sunscreens and they all do the same thing, break me out! Are there any sunscreens out there that won't cause breakouts? I'm very frustrated and need some rec's from people who have gone through the same thing but have found something that works for them. Thank you for your help
  8. I really like Covergirl TruBlend Powder Foundation. It's cheap and it covers well. It has never broken me out either!
  9. chrissy, i'll keep you posted. i've developed quite a photo journal of my skin in different lighting conditions. after the procedure (whatever it ends up being) i'll have an accurate log of my propgress. i get very frustrated with before/after photos that do not show the true condition of the skin...so it is my mission to get some good pics posted. good luck with your healing. btw did your doc classify your scarring as "shallow" or "superficial"? if we're similar, it would give me
  10. If it's red marks...you can find other alternatives like Smoothbeam (which worked for me). You don't have to pay $1000....find some derm that would do partial face for less (which I'm going to do) I asked about partial but she informed me that I have mild scarring on more then just my cheeks like I had thought, that bitch, I'm still mad about the way she made me feel about my scars. I always knew I had mild acne scars but thought it was only on my cheeks and not that bad. Even my derm sa
  11. Is fraxel really worth the money? I'm thinking of getting this done for my mild acne scars and to get rid of my red marks the rest of the way, but I really don't want to waste 3000-5000 bucks depending on how many I would need ($1000 a time) I have mild scars so I'm hoping that if I did this that it would at least almost get rid of it if not get rid of it all together. Does this even help red marks? I just want to know if you guys who have had this done think it was worth all that damn money or
  12. I have some red marks that I'd like to further get rid of. Some new ones that I just got from a breakout I had that are really pissing me off as I've had 6 IPL treatments and had decent results and now I have 3 really dark red marks to take the place of the ones I almost have gotten rid of I also have some mild acne scars. I was thinking of trying a low percentage TCA peel, would that maybe help me out? I've tried lactic acid peels, they did nothing. I've also tried glycolic peels but they mak
  13. No Problem! :) I had my treatment today. This time I do have a few small burns, nothing major and I have a few spots that are swelled up a bit. I think it's because I had someone new do it and she was more aggressive. She actually went over a few spots twice! The other girl never did that. Hopefully I will have better results because of it. Keep us posted of your results if you decide to do it again :D
  14. I've tried the following and they all covered well. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, Covergirl Aquasmooth, Covergirl TruBlend Powder Foundation. As far as concealer goes I like Mac's concealer that comes in a pot and I also like Coverblend liquid concealer that comes in a tube. For powders to set I like Physicians Formula, it's a mosaic of a bunch of color correcting colors, it has green, yellow, red, etc. I also like Mac Blot for oil control. Good luck with whatever you decide to try. There is also a