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  1. I used EGF from this site: http://www.skinactives.com/products/egf.htm
  2. What happened to my last post? Who deleted my last post?
  3. Disclaimer: This may not work for everybody. I'm not advertising for any procedure. If you don't believe me then don't bother replying. Hey guys, Some of you may remember me from my posts about Taz and the last time I posted here months ago I was trying needling. Well I've finally manged to get rid of my scars (not 100% but it's not an issue for me anymore) and my friends are amazed at how smooth my skin is. So I did Taz and CP Serum for months and months and months, it helped my scars loo
  4. I have heard that Accutane helps scars, so long as the skin is NOT dehydrated. My derm has put me back on low-dose accutane to help with the oiliness and because I was breaking out ever so slightly. He says that it's an insider's secret that Accutane helps collagen remodeling. But acne that you get DURING accutane seems to scar more in most people, I know it happened with me that way. Just keep moisturizing - I used Olay Regenerist night recovery when I was on Accutane, but I shall be trying
  5. My male model friends use makeup when they go out. (They use Menaji). The male slobs I know don't. Makeup on men makes them absolutely gorgeous.
  6. I'd like to know too. I'm halfie as well. My derm told me that there is a 30% chance of Asian skin getting serious hyperpigmentation with any invasive laser. I wonder if that makes it a 15% for halfies? I haven't been able to get excisions either, because of the risk of keloid formation.
  7. gay It takes one to know one. nah...a man putting on makeup is usually categorized as incredibly homosexual... Maybe in the 1920s. I dont know where ur from kid but in my school guys who wear makeup are either beaten up or just constnatly teased to a point of depression. and i gota admit, i usually laugh at them too You, sir, are a piece of shit.
  8. I couldn't agree less. I used to be an oily, disgusting, fat kid with specs, who got rejected by girls all the time, with mediocre grades, with a solid lower-middle-class background. Now I'm pretty well-built, in a top Ivy League, pretty good looking, and girls like me. BUT I have some scars and I'm now gay (so the girls don't matter). I have to fake confidence all the time. I refuse to accept my acne scars, but this is the worst battle I've ever had to fight.
  9. So I've been doing needling and Tazorac for a while now and it has helped a lot with the shallower rolling scars, however the few deeper scars I have haven't responded as well. I'm not sure if the scars are icepick or boxcar scars, but a couple of them are about a fifth of an inch long and very narrow, they look a bit like slits (not sure why they healed this way). Are these suitable for excision, or is excision only for tiny icepicks? Also if anyone knows a good excision doctor in the NJ/NYC ar
  10. I used the regular CP serum on accutane.
  11. good to know Drifter. Yes college books are a horror, but you can save you receipts and get a tax break on them. Needling has helped my scars too, but not all of them, and it is slow, but faster than what I was doing before (Taz).
  12. I am anemic and I got accutane as well, it should not affect anything. My doctor would just remind me everytime showed him my blood test that I was anemic and that was that.