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  1. i have not tried proactiv, but I first got rid of my acne using AcneFree they sell at drugstores and walmart. it's cheaper, and worked amazingly well for me. After 3 days of starting to use it (having never used any kind of products to deal with acne beforehand), i saw a huge noticable difference in 3 days. in a week my acne was all gone and just the red spots remained. after 2 months i switched to dan's bp gel and eucerin moisturizer. try proactiv, but there's a lot more options that a
  2. ah. It has been a while since I bought that big jug. I shall strongly consider buying it. Btw, if my jug of bp gel says it expires 12/08, could I still use it? I still have like 1/3 left... EDIT: nvm, i can't seem to read properly. it's 12/09. lol
  3. I used to buy dan's BP gel, and the big bottle used to be around $20 something. Now it's $32! Do you guys think it's still a good deal? I'm deciding if I should get Dan's, or something else...
  4. guys are divided into many groups and categories. Attractive guy: -douche -not douche Non-attractive guy: -douche -not douche then there's more sub categories. usually, the non-attractive guys are not quick to judge others by looks unless they're just mean. the attractive non-douche will normally not judge, but because he is attractive, there will always be a prettier girl who will capture his attention. don't blame him. blame the fact that girls tend to do most of the "attracting" and the g
  5. u need to stop hanging out with these particular friends. if you want to go out and meet a girl, roll with a different crowd. but don't ditch your friends. hang out with them when you're not planning on meeting anyone. observe them when they succeed with getting girls. learn from them. your friends should compliment you. if your group of friends approach a group a girls, you should not come across as the bottom feeder follower of the group. come across as the alpha male leader
  6. read this: http://www.amazon.com/Game-Penetrating-Sec...s/dp/0060554738 it's an introduction to the good/bad things related to picking up women. and no, this is not a book of pickup lines. lol pickup is not pickup lines. don't ever make that connection take from this book: 1. how to boost self confidence to talk to women 2. how to approach social interactions that would normally be difficult and awkward there are a lot of specific info in this book and others like that can't be applied to ev
  7. he sounds like a dick. lol go out with your mates and get drunk. it's the summer. get out and do stuff. you're in the uk! there's loads of stuff to do.
  8. girls have it worse only cuz they're judged by other guys and girls based on looks but guys don't have: -makeup (well, guy's don't have makeup that they can tell their friends about and feel manly about) -boobs -jewelry (well, female jewelry is more common) -mascara (eye lashes just magically grow longer... hmm... -perfume that attracts bees (guys have cologne that, if expensive, can smell really nice. but would otherwise smell like jock armpits and locker rooms and motor oil)
  9. looks like freckles to me plus this is tv. they won't let someone with severe scarring go on 1 of america's most popular shows
  10. if you made plans, you're fine. but definitely come across as more than just "i haven't kissed a girl in a while"
  11. oh yea. my girlfriend doesn't want me to go too far with it either. i stopped working out as much/i also got a little lazy. it definitely got the point across that i cared about how i looked I agree. i hated it. but that doesn't mean every other girl in the world hated it. it only succeeded among the middle school crowd cuz most middle school girls really don't watch good movies. honestly, compared to that high school musical or hannah montana bullshit, it's a lot better. lol I
  12. oh it was not easy. but you gotta start small. i started with low weights but got the reps in so my muscles were used to the intensity. then i raised the weights. i was up to 25 lbs in dumbell curls by the 2nd week in from 15 lbs that i started with. I definitely started with only 60 crunches a day (30 crunches per workout session) then I raised that up to 90 (30 during the day, and 60 after school when i had more time) by the beginnng of the 2nd week. btw, there's a women's health in U