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  1. I wish I could reply to everyone, I can't. I do have all the answers, I have been round the block far too many times. I hope one day forum moderators, acne researchers, acne sufferers finally realise ITS IMPOSSIBLE to cure acne through drugs & lasers. HOW can it cure acne?, they don't target the THE ROOTS, never have, never will. I have written letters in the hope to the goverment for grants/money to be frozen to skin research facilities in the UK/US not to waste the taxpayers money. CLEAN
  2. Just read something on immune response. Its quite simple really. Eliminate the foods causing the reponse. The foods which "activate" the sebaceous glands into action, the same foods which accelerate & heighten hormone production, THE FOODS WHICH STIMULATE THE BRAIN. God DAMN goverment. "We got gels & lasers that are going to cure acne" BS. The same lasers that somehow target immune responses, LMFAO, get with it & wake the god damn up already, Wasting our/your money.I'm really looki
  3. lol at all the "Acne Breakthroughs" being thrown around regarding drugs. The same drugs that decrease life expectantcy???. I'm old enough & wise enough that the ONLY CURE for acne is trialing & erroring diet & lifestyle. PERIOD. People need to get with it. Will everyone in the acne research field realise this & stop wasting our god damn money on pointless research from goverment funding, your not going to cure it. There is nothing more to be said. STOP going on about breakthrough
  4. Poor food choices which stimulate your brain put hormones into overdrive. DON'T EVER believe your diet is full proof & healthy i.e I see tuna is in your sig. Tuna contains some of the highest concentration levels of mercury & dioxin in the world, most fish really. Personally speaking, when I cleaned up my diet it controlled my hormones, my acne diminished as a result. I certainly wasn't into girls as much and sex certainly felt less appealing. But my acne had gone & that is all I wa
  5. A raw food diet alone will not completely clear up your acne... I have certainly found that out over the years. It left me feeling drained, probably due to the lack of protein.
  6. I have a close neighbour who is 57 years of age & still gets yellowheads. He has had acne since 14 & tells me he will never have rid of it.
  7. I love them pizza's they ate in jesus's day when acne was non existant. Ohhh damn, they didn't eat pizza's in them days.
  8. Pat, your in need of some serious trial & error. Alot of the foods you have listed on this thread that you "believe" are OK, would personally break me out & many others. I'm not going to go indepth, yeah everyone is differnent, but bananas and strawberries???... There two of the worst fruits an acne sufferer can consume. Right, out of all the foods you listed on this thread, alone, here are the safe ones you can consume, broccolli, flax seed oil -3 TBs, Organic Brown rice (not white) u
  9. I love them pizza's they ate in jesus's day when acne was non existant. Ohhh damn, they didn't eat pizza's in them days.
  10. Jemini, If you take one bit of advice from this thread its this, you have TO CUT OFF the candida's food supply FOR LIFE because if you keep feeding it, youv'e got it for life, it will never go away. I'm a an ex candida sufferer myself, my doctor tells me 98% of people are cured who follow this to a T. Don't "limit" the foods that feed it, don't maintain the perfect diet for months while the candida slowly dies off, it will NEVER die off you need to EXPELL them foods for life, its as simple as th
  11. Paul, Your pretty much spot on with everything, I totally can see where your coming from & what you have said is all true, I have been in exactly the same boat. I have trialed & errored foods for the past 8 years & believe it or not, there will even be some fruits & vegetables that can cause your acne or some other related skin condition, nevermind your weetabix. In my experience weetabix will break you out & if you have poured milk over them, well forget about it. In fact I
  12. Since I made my diet 100% Iodine deficient, It completely cleared my acne of 12+ years. Now I'm faced with a whole host of other medical illnesses which relates to me being Iodine deficient, I'm at a catch 22, just don't know which way to go or turn & Iodine is VITAL for human health. I know, because my depression subsided and my energy levels returned, but so did the acne. The big problem is, ALL Iodine foods cause acne, I know this for a fact from my own experiences. Its not just Iodi
  13. You will outgrow acne when you stop masterbating & get your diet & lifestyle together... Until then, I have heard about people have acne all there lives... Unfortunate, but never sin against gods wishes of looking after your body & dropping your seeds, or he will hurt you...
  14. Looks as though you need to start controlling your hormones a bit better & dump the alcohol...