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  1. I use the day and night cream by Vichy Normaderm. I'm addicted to the stuff. without it my skin would be way worse, and also it keeps my skin mat.
  2. Hi Guys... I was just wondering if any of you use Cornsilk? I'm from Belgium and we don't have theat stuff here, so whenever my dad goes to the States for his job I ask him to bring me some. It has no color, but it takes away the shine and makes your skin look a lot better... and it's no makeup!
  3. What did you do to get clear skin? I started having acne when I was about 10 years old... I had it in my face and on my back. When I was 14 years old I went to a pharmacist in the Ardens (I'm from Belgium) where they gave me a topical antibiotic from their own formula. In a few days I was more or less clear, going from severe acne. My back didn't get better though. When I was 17 I got sick of it, my back was worse than it had ever been, and I still got zits in my face now and then, and I seeme
  4. Okay, I've bene thinking a lot about this and I think there IS a link between foods and acne, but only in specific cases: saying milk, wheat, .... is bad for acne CANNOT be a general thing: otherwise everyone would have acne! I do believe that one should adapt ones diet to their own problems: for instance: someone with a bad liver shouldt eat things that can worsen this, if you have an allergy: don't eat those things... it's quite simple... I also belive that chemical processed foods can't be
  5. Okay, so the thing is: I've been diagnoses with Pfeiffer's disease a week ago, and today I suddenly got a couple of zit after being totally clear for 2 weeks... The problem is, the doctor won't let me leave the house yet so I am bored to death... so: I eat ( I'm not worried about gaining weight or anything, BUT I've been eating lots of cake AND my biggest mistake was to drink a bowl of chocolatemilk, while I'm cocoa AND lactose-intolerant ( Do you guys think this is a big problem for my skin??
  6. Ha! I've been totally clear for two months now, but now I've been diagnosed with Pfeiffer's disease: my tonsils are swollen and white, a total mess... And yes, I also suddenly have gotten some acne again.. I think it has to do with your tonsils being important for your immunesystem, and when they fail, your body is more receptive to getting acne or something...
  7. Well, I'm actually lactose-intolerant = hence no more eating breakfast cereal etc.... Actimel however doens't seem to have a bad effect on me... honestly, I don't know why
  8. Yeah, I got clogged pores too --> from the dove soap BAR.... now i use a cleaningcream... it's different and made especially for sensitive facial skin
  9. I dn't know what's in it... I know it works like a charm on me! But I don't use the cleanser and lotion, only the moisturizer
  10. When my face is still moist from the 'jessfoliation', I put some baking soda in my hands, slap it on my face and rub it in. then I rinse immediately. The whole process of jessfoliation, baking soa and apple cider only takes me about 6 minutes.
  11. Just wanted to update you guys: I've bene doing this regimen for a few more week now and I literally have gotten only 2 more zits ) For the rest I'm 100% clear, and my redmarks are definitely fading :-D halleluja!!!
  12. God, you have GORGEOUS lips!!!! ) My boyfriend has full lips too.... LOVE THEM!!! (and they're not feminine at all, don't worry!)
  13. Its that little milky drink thing isn't it? Full of good bacteria and all that!? Yup... I don't know you have it in the U.S. ... I'm from Belgium
  14. Hi guys I would like to tell you what made me almost 100% clear (coming from mild acne) in a few days: Diet: * No more cornflakes or morningcereal * 1 bottle of actimel every morning * eat a lot of veggies and fruit, don't eat meat every day * quit drinking coffee and coca-cola Skincare: Morning: * wash with dove soap for sensitive skin * Normaderm hydrating creme for sensitive and acne-prone skin Evening: * Wash with dove soap for sensitive skin, and rub it in with a toothbrush (kinda like
  15. I use the one from the Body Shop. I LOVE that one! it zaps my zits in one night