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  1. well i think its about time i moved up to some GA peel. i have scattered redness and moderate scarring. on this site that i've found, there are many peels available but i think imma buy the 30% GA. i've heard and read the burning stories but i plan to use it wisely. what do you guys think? too strong or not strong enough.... Site
  2. exactly what i have. i hate it too. its been 9 months and those ugly bastards are still around.
  3. nope, it actually causes scarring...well a little. i scarred after tane which pissed me off.
  4. do you guys DYI or go to the derm. if you go to the derm how much does it cost you to have a TCA/Jeesner peel?
  5. sign up on there website and contact them by email. its better and it works.
  6. usually takes 3-5 days for it to completely go away even if popped. some times 4-5 would show up on my chin. first i open them, squeeze the oooooooz out, wash, apply spot treatment and "voila" still there...j/k heals up pretty good.
  7. thats just because some treatments are misleading and do not do what its suppose to. i've also read alot on smoothbeam and people have seen no results so i would suggest something better.
  8. hopefully you have big veins. check the vein where your elbow bends if its small then the nurse is going to have a hard time sticking it.
  9. duh everythings our own fault. my dumbass was too arrogant to go to a doc sooner.
  10. its just like drawing blood. i giggled for some reason but i was trying to hold it in. at first it was like damn thats alot of blood.
  11. soo...what does it cost to do an IPL? so basically it just breaks up the redness?
  12. most derms are like this. for me, he knows i've done research on acne and scarring so anything i suggest he pretty much agrees with. when the derm says time its usually true...2 years or minor scars and whole lot of redness and i'm still saying wtf! oh yea the inflamed thing you call a pimple could be a nodule or hyper-"something" scar. inject that bastard with steroids or cortisone its the only way to make it go down.
  13. their products are useless. i spent 110 on their acne kit and it didnt even do as much as proactiv. for some stupid reason i even decided to try it a second time and barely saw improvements. try it if you want cuz this is just my perpective.
  14. nice man good improvements! did you experience any scarring yet?