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  1. rhys

    zinc for acne?

    Yes, it may give you a 1% improvement. Hardly worth the effort, but by all means, go for it!
  2. Please read the attached link. Long-term isotretinoin is most effective when taken indefinitely. You would find that any competent dermatologist would be in agreement.
  3. Why is your dermatologist not prescribing your accutane, rather than messing around with your transient and repetitious pustules?
  4. You have cystic acne. It will not improve unless your sebaceous glands are brought under control. To bring your sebaceous glands under control, you require accutane. Read this forum for the advice that you need. Good luck!
  5. You sound to much like Patrick Bateman. Simply use a soap which does not contain sodium laureth sulphate. Then apply your Retin-A. Repeat twice daily. Simple.
  6. You must take accutane if you wish for your acne to ever improve. Read these forums thoroughly for the advice that you need.
  7. Yes, if you undertake the course of accutane properly, and continue long-term treatment indefinitely, your face will return to normal, once your sebaceous glands are dried-up and under control. Good luck!
  8. There is no point picking a pimple. The infectious fluid must be removed by squeezing, if you are to make it improve in any way at all. Unfortunately, pimples of this nature do present a significant problem for shaving. If I were you, I would grow a nice House M.D. style beard, until you get a prescription for accutane. Good luck!
  9. It sounds as though you most likely have a severe case of gram-negative folliculitis. Read the following pages thoroughly: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1055221-overview. It could also be a severe case of staphylococcus infection. Either way, the way forward would be exactly the same. You require serious short-term anti-biotics to control the current inflammation, and long-term accutane to ensure that it does not return. You should also focus on attempting to improve your general immun
  10. No, 'beauty marks' would not ever return, once the skin in that area has developed so as to make them imperceptible.
  11. Castor oil is useful as a shaving lubricant as an alternative to shaving gel or foam, but it is also heavily comedogenic, and so it would be completely counter-productive as a treatment for acne.
  12. You have severe acne. Your acne will not improve unless you undertake a long-term course of accutane. Read this forum as much as possible. In particular, the adult acne boards. There is no other advice which can be given. Good luck!
  13. There is nothing questionable about squeezing infected acne. Good for you, for dealing with it at the time. Yes, the scar will remain. It will be too late to attempt treatment with Vitamin B cream. The only effective method of scar reduction is microdermabrasion. If you feel the scar justifies the treatment, then go for it!
  14. Yes, you will continue to break-out. You must go back on the Isotane. You probably require a low dose for life: This study is the authority on the subject: http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=17707930 . Good luck!