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  1. Holy crap. Every few months I remember this place and come back to see what's up and find myself clicking on this thread
  2. Cancer patients are refused drugs that are too expensive ergo non-threatening cosmetic issues are way down on the list of priorities. If it means that much to you, just save up some money... even if you're on a pittance of a salary, half a year of saving will cover almost any treatment. Then there is derma stamping which is extremely inexpensive if you execute it yourself and in my opinion one of the best and safest scar revision procedures one can pursue, regardless of money.
  3. Should have taken before and after pictures bro.
  4. Moderate/severe. Somewhere in between. Anyone who says that is mild or mild/moderate needs their head examined. Please consider a course of Accutane.
  5. It's genetic. You could dunk some people head first in a vat of McDonalds oil every day for a month and they would still have flawless skin.
  6. Your face is swollen in the morning due to water retention. There is strong irony in your post.
  7. It's surprisingly common. Mums are great, you give them laundry to do and they reward you with food. Chicks think it's lame though which is my deterrent.
  8. A woman can't see your back scars when you're smashing her nomsayin'?
  9. I think those look quite deep and would recommend tca cross on the ones of smaller diameter. You are a handsome looking guy with or without them.
  10. It varies. Most people typically seem to report a thin linear scar in place of the original. Some people have reported this thin scar then disappearing, others have reported the scar sinking back in and reappearing.
  11. Don't flame me for saying this, but have you ever considered the possibility that the 50% improvement you've had in the year since the treatment could be somewhat attributed to Dr Khan's treatment? Regardless, if what you say is true he sounds a shady practitioner.
  12. Yes you do but your collagen production is lower than that of a younger person. Many 50 year olds have natural skin imperfections, don't be too hard on yourself.
  13. To put it in perspective I've read of some people who say their skin healing never returned to normal and at the other end of the spectrum there are individuals who have done peels a week after getting off with no ill effect. Usually healing is markedly impaired and several times more fragile than ordinary skin upon completion of a course and then it gradually returns to normality. There was a poster with the alias 'president' or something along those lines and he worsened his situation quit