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  1. Sure, I stopped applying BP to my face (above mouth) for almost a month and so far I have not had a single zit. However I did got a few small ones in the mouth/chin region. Weird........
  2. Here's the link of the product I am interested in: http://www.eckstein.com.au/page5.html
  3. 1. I don't have a girlfriend yet, and my parents don't touch my face. And I am not French, I don't kiss other males or allow them to touch me. 2. Have that said, I think you misunderstood my point. Before I had the habit of scratch my face with my finger nails while I read and study (college isn't easy so when I concentrate TOO much I tend to do things like biting finger nails and others unintentionally) . Now that I have realized, I want to change those bad habits. 3. The last thing I want to s
  4. Just as a follow-up, I am completely clear now. In the last 15 days or so I got only 2 pimples and each one took like 3-4 days of BP to be cured. My secret is try not touching face at all during a day (yes, even if there is a itching spot, unless it's that bad I will try touch it with my finger, NEVER do with finger nail), and at night I tried to sleep on my back and when if I decide to sleep on side I try not to have bury my face in the pillow. And I have always been telling myself: "My face i
  5. A toner usually helps closing the pores, I think this should help prevent bacteria from going in, right? Also, should I apply BP/neutrogena multivitamin lotion after my pores are closed or before? Since Dan's regimen says to wait for 15 minutes for pores to close but it didn't make any sense to me. I thought that BP is easier to go in when the pores are still open, no? Please help me with my 2 questions. Thanks.
  6. Where can people find GA face wash?
  7. http://www.yagaoria.com/doce/cpxl3.htm I knew before that acarid mite is a major cause for acne and when I went back to China a few years ago I actually bought a bottle but didn't use it much before my face was much better back then. Oh well now that I want to use it but it has expired. So I just did a search online for anti-acarid lotion/cream that you can possibly order online but didn't find any. Oh well... So I just want to post this for those who may be interested.
  8. Somehow the Neutrogena on the spot BP seems a little too dry and hard to absorb. Before I used the Proactive one and it absorbed better but also cost more. =(
  9. My second question is that it always stings after I apply the neutrogena moisturizer after 10 minutes applying BP, will this be bad to my skin? The sting sensation fades after a few minutes.
  10. Right now my face is almost clear, but it's got some red/brown spots. Should I use more Neutrogena Multi-vitamin lotion or BP? In the past few days I was using the multivitamin lotion twice a day, I was wondering if that's not necessary. Also BP can do a better job at prevent future breakout, am I right?
  11. All I could find was 5% and 10%, which product has 2.5%?
  12. Can you use it with moisturizer? Do you put it first or later?
  13. Cetaphil is a great cleanser but since it cannot wash away the dead skin cells left on my face causes by BP. Last night I tried to scratch my skin (blemish-free area) lightly with my finger nail and a small chuck of skin peeled off. So I need something that can get those off my face. Any recommendation?
  14. When I was young I used to have dirt on my face too and my face was perfect. Now the opposite happens, I wonder why WHY WHYYYYY....