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  1. Someone deleted my post wdf? I said IM GOING the WHOLE SUMMER without any masturbation or sex. So far, 3/60 days. 5% done
  2. If you are a dermatologist, assuming you took a chemistry course once in your life, then you'd know that vinegar has a low pH (around 3)...... No shit. No wonder my dermatologist is a moron, they're all stupid it appears.
  3. From what he says, pretty much. Explains why i was clear and my skin glowed for 2 weeks when i stopped jacking off.. Now that summer is here, its soo hard tho.
  4. ya man same happened to me. Well im having some exams this week and i've been very very stressed, so in order to be able to stuck, i had to knock a couple out. After my exams are done, im starting again though for another few weeks at least ;)
  5. i was on 90mg per month for 7 months, so i had to find something that worked good.. i bought blistex "herbal answer"... Best fakin lip balm ull ever have.. its not like those other blistex synthetic ones.
  6. Do realize that TV/Computer only give us 0.0001 microsievert (mSv) per hour, while our bodies give off 0.7 mSv/year just from the heat energy released, and the earth itself gives off 3mSv yearly, and sky drop outs also gives us 2mSv/year. 0.0001 mSv isn't a lot, even if u sit 5hrs in front of the TV/Computer every day.. That's still only like 0.2 mSv every year. Compared to the average radiation we're exposed to yearly (6mSv), this is under 4%, which is almost nothing.. Humans don't get sick fr
  7. I honestly can sort of relate. I started getting acne when i was 14, and now that i look in picture, it was HORRIBLE. The difference was, i was 14 yrs old, i didnt care what i looked like, at all, never checked a mirror and didn't bother. It started becoming a problem when i hit 16-17 and i started to care how i look.. After that, it was just down hill. I think before i was 14, I too would have asked people what's on their face if they had a pimple or something. Life is a like a dick, when it
  8. I've been in the same boat as you for years. I started when i was about 13 and a few months later started breaking out.. In the past two years i was getting to the point where all i could think about was coming home, watching a nice "movie" and busting a nut... I used to spend on average 2hrs a day, sometimes more, "unloading" at least once, sometimes twice and some days even up to 3 times. I definately think there is a link.
  9. I went with it about 12 days, i had to shoot a load, my balls were hurting too dam much... I'll start again with tommorow I have to say, my scars have been healing MUCH faster, and my skin is clearer than its ever been. I think masturbation was the prick, no pun intended.
  10. I used to have a lot of dead skin flaking off and sticking to my skin and for that reason I used Burt's Bees natural scrub once a week. It made my skin tone considerably better. Don't do it more than once a week though.
  11. Hey man, i hafta give in all the facts of this procedure. Btw my balls hurt like no tommorow. I might hafta shoot a load and break the 2 week thing sometime soon i swear i can't run or jump around at all.. Its like i have "blue balls" 24/7. I also slept like shit last nite cuz i was too horny.
  12. Day 5: I woke up this morning with the hardest and longest wood i've ever had. Usually my pennis was 19 cms (7.5 inches) fully erect, this morning it was a bit over 22cm (8.7 inches) . While i was measuring, i felt as if i were to touch the head of the pennis, i'd ejaculate all over the place immediately. As for the skin, not one single breakout, but again i woke up with oily-ish skin... Wierd
  13. I haven't broekn out at all in 4 days tho and my face looks so much better.. Im absolutely sure now there is a correlation, tommorow morning I'll take some pictures. I have my "day 1" and i look like shit compared to today.
  14. I have to admit, my face is looking much better, scars are oddly fading much faster, ive began to notice the difference.... Things downstairs are looking better than they ever have as well. Lately IT was begining to tire out, now its the way it used to be when i was 14 or so Kickass..
  15. Yup, 2 great things into 1 package. 1) no acne if it works 2) horny so u want to fuck every girl The result is: looking good and horny = having GOOD sex :)