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  1. I have EXACTLY the same problem as well, this is so frustrating. I only have mild acne but a few years ago if I developed a spot it would develop, form a head and then after a week or so just scab over and vanish. NOW, as I am just about to hit my thirties I have realised that the past 16 months whenever I get a spot it never really forms a head, I just get a red bump (I tried to squeeze one once after 2 weeks but just blood came out!). Now its so bloody annoying because any sign of a new spo
  2. Malaga_Blue

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    Oh how I wish for Skin like this again!!
  3. Hi Yep, new one here too! Just 2 weeks until my big 30 and I only started getting acne around 2 years ago. Nice to see theres a slightly older forum going on here, will hopfully post a lot more now.
  4. Same here ManBurning.Crazy isnt it??. After being in work for about 20 mins im fine and then all of a sudden I can feel a film of oil spread across my face. Im sure 90 percent of my spots I get are from work. Cant usually wait to get home to wash it off, but even after washing on a work night the oil still seems to be a little apparent. Like I said in my original post, come the weekend, my skins Hunky Dory. Werd huh?!
  5. Ok, now this may sound crazy, but does anybody find that when your at work your skin becomes more greasy and acne prone?? I have a normal office job, not really too stressful but I find throughout the duration of the day my skin gets really really greasy, as opposed to the weekends, or any days of I have off when my skin seems to be pretty normal. Is it just me or does anybody else have similar experiences??.
  6. Hi British Guy living in Spain here, I managed to buy some tablets on Saturday here in Spain, they are called Acido Pantotenico over here. Anyway, im 2 days in to this treatment and lo and behold they seem to be working miracles, i usually develop a huge amount of oil throughout the day and have to literally wipe off excess oil with either blotters or toilet paper but havent had to do that in 2 days now....If anything my skin has gone the complete opposite, too dry. Now I read on this thread
  7. I'm getting my peels off of e-bay, and I'm not sure what pH mine are. I still have active acne and I peel once a week. I have been doing 30% peels and I am going to increase that to 50%. ←
  8. Its a topical cream he has prescribed, i never knew you could accutane in a cream. is it any good? ←
  9. Not sure what isotretinoin is, out of interest have you tried a glycolic peel? Im 29 and have very mild acne, well the occasional Zit but plagued with red marks.
  10. Hi there. Well after reading this message board for the past 6 months I thought id finally add my 2 cents to the great glycolic thread. After reading about everybodys success stories I finally ordered myself a 30% and 50% dose. I have literally just finished my 3rd peel now and I just wanted to know if other peoples 30% acid solution is more of a gloopy type of liquid as opposed to the 50% solution which is more like water. Anyway, havent seen much of an improvement yet but I suppose patience