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  1. Hey fruity, I've never been pregnant but I'm sure the hormone influx will be a doozy... Anyways, first congratulations on your new addition... best of luck w/that... Obviously, internal acne meds are out of the question due to your pregnancy, however there are several options you can exercise. There is a method of exfoliation coined "Jessexfoliation" w/a synthetic brush that may work wonders in the fight to control your acne. Take a look at the message board for this technic to get a bette
  2. Hey FreshPrince, It's been a long while since I've been on this site but anyways, I've been using Jess' method for a long while now with as good success as anything, so I'm pleased. The best way that I find Jess' method to work is exfoliating every other day or whenever I feel my complexion is less than desirable. I only use Cetaphil liquid cleaner and thats all... The less you use the better, trust me...
  3. Yes, Your environment does have a factor in your skin's ability to heal. You might actually be allergic to cigarette smoke... Remember that your body does develop allergies to environmental factors and other things. I'm also doing Jessexfoliation for a while now and have amazing results... Hope everything continues on a good track!!!
  4. Ok, so you gave in and popped it... NOW LEAVE IT ALONE!!!! Try to exfoliate and the cyst will disappear and it will begin to fade the inevitable mark that will be left behind...
  5. Stop all that crap... Exfoliation is the key to getting that fucker under control... You can use glycolic acid, SA or manual exfoliation... Just be gentle and it will go down in a couple of days... GUARANTEED!!!
  6. Umm, I'd stay away from the St. Ives Apricot scrub... You just need a mild exfoliatant like glycolic acid, salylic acid... Even manual exfoliation works well (look at the syknthetic brush exfoliation) Hope thats helpful!!
  7. Those aren't scars... They are indentations from old breakouts... Gentle exfoliation w/SA or glycolic acid should clear that in no time. Personally, I just manually exfoliate w/a complexion brush and it took care of similar indentations on my skin...
  8. Exfoliate with a complexion brush and purpose for sensitive skin. Apply Cetaphil moisturizer w/water to dry areas (only in the winter). Makeup: BE summer bisque on red marks and under the eyes, discoloration BE foundation medium 2.3 w/kabuki brush BE warmth w/large makeup brush over cheeks, eye lids, bridge of nose, temples, chin (gives a nice glow to my pale complexion Neutrogena blush mascara and lip gloss That's all, sounds like alot but its actually rather quick now that I've taken contro
  9. You might want to try the synthetic brush exfoliation method. It is simple and quite effective...
  10. I used that kit and it didn't do much at all... Same amount of breakouts... Honestly, I don't think its worth the money... You might want to check out the synthetic brush exfoliation method... I've been using that for over 3 months and its the most successful acne prevention method I've ever used... My skin is smooth and almost all of my marks from old breakouts has disappeared... Also, it wonderful for your complexion... Hope this helps...
  11. I was speaking to a makeup artist friend of mine and she said that key to acheiving clear skin is to exfoliate gently... You might want to check out the thread on the synthetic brush exfoliation method and try it out... Personally, I use a facial/complexion brush w/purpose gentle cleanser for over 3 months and my skin has never looked better... knock on wood! I hope this is helpful...
  12. From what I've heard on the message board, Zeno isn't worth the money... The repeated processes necessary to eliminate a blemish can be tedious, cost and time consuming... Zeno only works on fresh bump, meaning that the second you feel a blemish surfacing, you have to apply the Zeno device immediately, a luxury most ppl. can't afford... If you need any more assistance please feel free to ask...
  13. If your using Neosporin, you should be using the cream based version... The ointment will clog your pores since it is a petroleum based substance... I hope that helps...
  14. The synthetic brush method is the least time consuming and does help significantly... Myself, Queen of the Hills, Iceboi, Jessicastuart24 and a bunch of us use the same method with spectacular results... Personally I find that the clear skin regimen takes wayyy to much time and can really irritate your skin... I'm not knocking anyone else's regimen, its just that the synthetic brush method is convenient and works if done the correct way...