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  1. Hi everyone, I recently ordered synthivol 7, which is an oral supplement of hylauronic acid and episilk facial cream wiht pure hyaluronic acid and recieved a free sample of the hylauronic acid serum. I really like the serum because it immediately seems to fade my little wrinkly patches from my acne scars. If anyone is interested in this product, it can be obtained at www.hyalogic.com. I found the reps really helpful and they sent the order out to Europe within a week and a half. I've only
  2. This is day 5 of my mandelic serum disaster, thank you for your suggestions to resolve my skin problem. I guess I am the first person that has had such a major reaction to this product. And yes, I did do a test patch on a small part of my chest, and felt nothing or had no reactions. First day, literally, a quarter inch of my skin burned off, the worst is on my cheeks and lower chin area,it looks like I got mauled by a animal. My face also got really swollen and I could barely stand to have w
  3. I'm so upset and the skin on my face is hurting. Yesterday, I got my mandelic serum and intially, it stung quite badly when I put it on, so I called the people at skincare.rx, and asked them if it was a normal reaction and they said I'm suppose to leave it on overnight and my skin was suppose to get use to it. Well, this morning in the shower, my face hurt so badly under water, it was peeling, like a good 3 layers of skin, yet I still have burnt patches, it felt like a knife was ripping my sk
  4. does anyone have a reaction like this? I just put on %10 mandelic acid about 10 minutes ago and my skin is stinging, and parts of my skin have turned white, is this normal? Plus, I also bought mama lotion, do I put it on top of the mandelic acid and how long do you keep the acid on your face??
  5. Would anyone know a dermatologist in Paris, France who does Smoothbeam???? Thank you!!! Caro
  6. Hi Maya, I read a thread about how you tried glycolic acid to mirror what tca does for scars, but the glycolic acid burned my skin, I only used %30 and left it on for 5 minutes. Now I have brown marks all over my face, I've been using emu oil to soothe it but I was wondering if you recommend anything else? How much down time did you experience? I have to go to work in a couple of days and in agony how I'm going to cover up all these burn marks. Thanks!
  7. I did go to Dr. Rapaport. I do think he is a good doctor but some of the subcised scars widened but are a bit flatter than before. I don't know if you consider this improvement. Other areas that were TCA'd didn't respond at all. Overall, I think he could have been more agressive in the subcised areas. My wrinkly patch is about pinky sized and it looks like a cat scratched my skin with deep lines. I've tried copper peptides and retin-A but it seems to just irritate the area, Dr. Rapaport sa
  8. Hi, I had subcision and a %100 tca peel a couple of months ago, and I don't seem to see much improvement. Some of the places where I had tca seems to have left a deeper indent. My biggest problem is that I have this wrinkly patch on my cheek, close to my nose, how do I get rid of it? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  9. I had subcision, tca-peel, n-lite almost 2 weeks ago. I don't know what to expect. I suppose I put all my hope into some improvement of my scars by undergoing these procedures but I look even worse than before the surgery. One of the subcised areas is even larger than before. I know I should be patient, but I would like to know what other patients of Dr. Rapaport has experienced in the improvement of their scars. Thanks!
  10. Dear imbue, I recently went to Dr. Rapaport for subcision, tca peel and the N-lite. I think on a couple of subcision spots, he cut into it deeper than necessary and the wound looks 3 times bigger than the actual scars. It's been 3 days since the surgery and I am still unable to wash off the ink mark. I would not recommend Dr. Rapaport to anyone because I felt that he wasn't very thorough with treating the number of scars I wanted to treat and that every time I asked him a question, I fe