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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're living in the U.S. and don't have a decent insurance program (COBRA level or better, minimum), health care of any type is prohibitively expensive. Having a job that provides health care is easily the equivilent of $3-5 an hour additional pay - because that's approximately what you'd pay for health insurance from most providers. Yeah, you can always say "well what if I just don't have insurance?" the only caveat to that is that something as r
  2. Breaking the tabs open is a stupid idea. The gelatin-based coatings dissolve before they even hit your stomach. Hold one in your mouth for 10 seconds and you'll already notice that you can taste the powder. Also, if you're going to take the powder anyway...why not just buy the powder directly? It's far cheaper.
  3. I think regular masturbation is probably healthy (ejaculation, anyway). Just don't overdo it. Consider what b5 does: Coenzyme-A, also used for sex hormones. If you're ejaculating excessively (2-3+ times a day), your body is going to need a lot more Coenzyme-A. That means there is less available for your body to use for breaking down fatty acids...and, hence, more acne. I love that "use of profanity" bit, though. Like it's a disease.
  4. Been there, done that. I saw no results after about 2 1/2 months...sorry, but at that price, I'd expect to see something. might as weel take accuntane.
  5. Probably because they don't care. Honestly, who doesn't think that Lawrence Fishbourne is one bad ass mofo?
  6. Using the chilled BP makes a HUGE difference vs. just using it normally. Also, the GA helps to promote healing. Both of those are missing from 'the regimen', and both make a HUGE difference.
  7. Proactiv is: 1.) BP cleanser (Oxy makes the same stuff for $5 per 8 ounce bottle). 2.) Glycolic acid toner - you can buy a 6 ounce container of this stuff from multiple outlets at the same strength for about $8 per bottle. 3.) BP cream. This is the tricky one, actually. While you can certainly find plenty of alternatives from all the major companies. I have YET to find one that spreads as easily, causes as little irritation, and creates as few blackheads as this stuff does. Essential
  8. Interesting, but... I highly doubt anyone who is willing to pay to have this done honestly cares if it hurts or not. They just want to get rid of the zits.
  9. inside of the nose...god that hurts.
  10. I call it like I see it, mostly because I'm a bitter prick at this point in my life, but I have no problems with calling people ugly who are, or calling people fat who are, or calling people stupid who are. I figured if I have to live with being ugly, everyone else can learn to as well. The nice part about calling someone ugly when you're ugly yourself is that nobody can really criticize you for it. Kind of like how people are allowed to refer to other people of their own race by their des
  11. I bought this stuff a few days ago because it says it stops acne by reducing sebum production. My skin is mostly clear now (thanks mostly to diet), but it's still quite oily, and I figured it would clear up the last occasional few pimples that I get. Results: 3 days and my skin is no longer oily. I can't say if it's had a damned bit of an effect on my acne, as I don't see any difference (though the only acne I had prior to taking it was a small zit on my cheek and a few blackheads), but it
  12. Because vinegar is an acid. It's essentially the same effect that you get from a 15-20% glycolic acid face wash. The main difference here is that a 64 ounce bottle of vineagar costs $2 and a 4 ounce bottle of glycolic acid wash costs around $20.
  13. To take b5 powder (pills are a bad idea because they don't digest fully), simply mix 1tsp per 16 ounces of orange juice. I recommend calcium-fortified OJ for this, as it helps mask the b5 taste the best. You can drink this without much of a problem...just make sure you mix WELL (i recommend using a bottle that you can shake).
  14. Why on earth would I get it on my balls if I'm using it on my face?
  15. I think it's funny that people who have never even tried it are so dead-set against it. Try it. It works. Just eliminate the refined carbs. You don't have to eat only nuts, lettuce, and olive oil. You just have to stop eating the pretzels and candy bars. I couldn't care less if you *don't* want to try it. If your skin is fine without it - GREAT! If you're suffering from acne, though, I honestly don't see what you have to lose by going a few weeks without a sandwich.