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  1. does anyone know OTC products or an anti-perspirant that helps excesive under arm wetness, not so much odor, just wetness. thanks
  2. hey ive been on tane for a while and i need a moisturizer that wont be greasy and will keep my skin from being so flakey. thanks for any help
  3. didnt know where to put this topic so dont get mad if its in the wrong place. but ive been on tane for about a month and a half and i had extremely oily skin. for the most part the oil is gone but my skin still "shines" will it always do this or will it fade with more time on the drug? thanks
  4. Ok so this isn't quite a log, more like a series of questions and concerns. I've been on 20mg of tane for about a month(maybe a little more). I saw drying of the skin within maybe two weeks which excited me because i have extremely oily skin. My breakouts mostly have stopped just blackheads and the occasional cyst. but now, almost a month and a half into it, my skin is slightly oily again. not like it was just kinda greasy. does tane do that..like get dry then oily dry oily etc. ? or is the dose
  5. ok so ive been on tane for about 4-5 days now. my lips and skin are tight and dry BUT im still oily-how is this even possible. and when did everyones skin stop being so oily. other than the dry lips, eyes i havent had to bad of side-effects but its only been 5 days.thanks
  6. so ive been fighting acne all my life, but never could get it cause my cholesterol. its fairly high for my age...but heres the deal tomorrow im going to a new derm(he seems cool) and i was recently put on lipitor for my cholesterol. my question to you all is do you think he will see that im already on something to help with the cholesterol, and just let me start accutane now. being that i get blood work every couple of months for lipitor anyway?
  7. i did this for a few weeks. and the biggest upside was the fact that i didnt have to take my face wash everywhere i went. i just took a little bottle of shampoo when i stayed over somewhere. and it did clear my skin quite a bit. mostly helped the redness but also really helped the little bumpy zits. HOWEVER i had to stop because if i even sat outside for 5 minutes i was SO sunburnt. like really bad, especially on my nose. so if you try this load up the sunscreen everyday, maybe even twice or thr
  8. ok so ive noticed when i only use water to was my face, it actually looks alot better. but after a while, of course, i get clogged pores...so what if like once or twice a week i did a steam? would that be good for cleaning out the pores?
  9. For those of you like myself, who suffer from EXTREMELY oily skin, try the face wash cetaphil. I've used every "keeps shine and oil to a minimum" product and have been on just about every antibiotic but accutane. Cetaphil dries my skin just enough to keep the oil off..most of the day...and doesnt leave me peeling or irritated (not much does because i have sooo much oil.) Just try it, i might have just gotten lucky, but it's worth a shot.
  10. Ok. So I started using Nature's Cure about 3 weeks ago. The strange thing was that, within 3 or 4 days, I was clearing up VERY nicely. I thought I had finally found something that worked for me. Everyday it looked better and better. BUT, it's almost like everything was flip-flopped for me. Because when it was supposed to get a little worse the first couple of days, then get clear by 3 weeks...I was clear in 3 days and now at 3 weeks-im breaking out again. What do i do. I'm still taking it but ha
  11. so you dont take them with water..just chew them up?
  12. ok so i bought some nature's cure stuff from cvs..figured id give one more thing a try. i ws just wondering how to take the tablets. do i chew them, disolve them, swallow them, with water, without? anyone know thanks
  13. ive had pretty bad acne for a few years and really oiuly skin-today makes a week washing my face twice a day with head and shoulders-nothing else and im only a little oily at the end of the day and my redness and marks are faded and my skin hasnt had any new active zits since about three days into it.