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  1. i have had acne for most of my teen years and into my early 20's i am 21 now, its leveled out pretty well, for awhile i had nearly no acne but again it has come back, it is mild right now, but i am deciding to see a dermatologist, i am sick on bezoil peroxide and i want something that will clear me 100% can anyone recommend any good treatments, i also have some scarring that i would like to deal with as well, its not horrible but its noticable, any suggestions would be great, i want to know w
  2. my scarring always looks worse after shaving, does anyone else notice this??? Thanks
  3. my acne used to be bad, it has calmed down very much, to the point where i don't get too much acne, only one of 2 inflamed pimples every once in awhile. is there anything i can take antibiotics for a mild persistent case, i am kind of sick of topicals!!! but i wouldn't mind trying. if anyone has any recommendations Thanks!!!
  4. i'm starting bodybuilding for the first time, well seriously that is, i only have access to free weights at the moment, i am about 145 pounds at 5'8, maybe 12-15 percent fat, i would like to lose the fat and bulk on about 15-20 pounds, is there anyway to do that with just free weights ? Thanks
  5. i have had acne for years, the thing that cleared me the best was the holistic method and benzoyl peroxide, i hate the way the benzoyl peroxide makes my face feel and the holistic method is extemely expensive, i have been eating unhealthy lately and my acne has flared up from mild to moderate, i am going to a dermatologist and i want something that is for persistent mild to moderate acne, i have also had a ton of stress lately, so i think that is part of it, any help appreciated Thanks
  6. obviously it had no nutrtitional factor but on the 4th he didnt care!
  7. i usually buy raw almonds, i buy them in 3 pound bags at sams club because they are only about 10.00 for 3 pounds not too shabby but my question is i bought the roasted because they are not produced in a facility that contains wheat the others were, the ingredients of the roasted are Almonds and Sea Salt and the whole 3 pounds has 180% of your daily value these are produced only around pistachios, the thing is i like the raw taste much better, is it really worth worrying about what other produc
  8. almond butter is the best but it is way too expensive
  9. thats not good you should go at least once a day, try getting more fiber
  10. sometimnes my diet is perfect and i still get a zit, i think diet is only part of it
  11. i take digestive enzymes before every meal and i dont notice much of a change to be honest
  12. i can't find anything online about the estrogen