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  1. Get some hydrocortizone and put that on it and watch the thing shrink down. You have to get rid of the Inflammation or the pimple or cyst will hang around weeks longer. Keeping the inflammation down will make treating it easier tea tre oil or whatever else you use. But always keep to one thing when your treating it dont switch products or this could case more swelling. --------------------------------------------------------------- Beyond Clear It's Not A Regimen. It's The Solution http://
  2. This is caused by massive build up of dead skin cells and for the most part really inflammed skin from the swelling that has taken place. Essentially what is happening is that there is several pockets of puss and as it begins to heal you will begin to see several new whiteheads form with huge amounts of puss in it. It might take a while before you get down towards the bottom base of the cyst or the last remaining pockets of puss. Essentially if the cyst is still painful to the touch after about
  3. One of the main problems you have probably in the past was BP or SA overuse or overdose. Allot of people dont realize bp is only really meant to stay on your skin for a short period of time and then you take it off. Thats why people get so many breakouts and problems with bp and sa. Dan has brainwash people into thinking dry skin and clear skin go hand in hand. And thats just not the case. If anything i recommend taking a look at my regimen that I do below it wont give you dry skin. ---
  4. One never ask advice from a person over the counter chances are they never had acne in their life. And they will probably give you something that will make things way worst. Or they might be trying to sell you something because they get a kick back on it. I learn asking for help at your nearest walgreens is not always the best option. Especially when your talking to some 65 year old lady about acne. -------------------------------------- Beyondclear the better regimen http://www.beyond
  5. Actually bp shouldnt make your face red. If it does it means the bp is staying on your face way to long. Your skin hits a saturation point after that who knows what your doing to your skin. Different shades of color sounds scarry to me. And tons of red skin gee. Will be ready for skin transplants soon at that rate. If you want red skin go outside and get sunburn now thats redskin. Beyondclear the better regimen http://www.beyondclear.cjb.net
  6. I recommend anything anti inflammation. bp helps some but its more preventive then anything. Hydrocortizone helps ice helps. a product called hot ice works well. Anything that is anti inflammation. You must remember cysts have major amounts of inflammation. Taking the inflammation out of the cyst. Then your left with just the cyst not the inflammation. therefore the cyst will go away allot faster. If you put enough hydrocortizone on you should be able to get the cyst down pretty flat. You know
  7. Masturbation does not cause acne. It seems releated but as much as it seems to break you out it doesnt. There is a much deeper problem as to why you breakout when you masturbate. If you interested in knowing the reasons why then fill free to pm me and I will send you the link.
  8. Dans bp is good but not that good besides any 2.5% to 5% bp would be better then paying 50$ for shipping. Look in the generics in the pharmacy its amazing what you can find their. 50% could be because it has to go through customs maybe or something like that.
  9. Your wish is my command. And adult acne forum has been created. Please go to this site and click forum to find it. BeyondClear is the altern. to Dan Regimen. BeyondClear
  10. I highly recommend you check out my site it might solve your acne problems. BeyondClear
  11. Just to let the people know who dont know yet my new website is up and running and it has a forum similar to Dans people are starting to post over their. Great part is you dont have to register to post. I will let my website speak for itself http://www.beyondclear.cjb.net/
  12. Morning wash with a product called Clean And Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub take it off with a rag then wash with a product called Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser then wash that off with a rag. I recommend on both products to massage into your skin for atleast 30 seconds. Repeat the same steps at night time. as a general note With the Blackhead Clearing Scrub gently massage your face with that stuff dont over do it. You will see results in a week in a half. Products can be
  13. See you already resign your self to the regimen. I know how many people have tried to get clear skin all kinds of crazy stuff. But hey I'm not telling you gotta try it I dont really care if you dont. Lets change lanes here. Try the regimen for 3 weeks straight. If one person dosent see any improvement or any kind of clearing. Then I will unregister and never post again. I bet the naysayers would love this challenge. And I will admit that I'm wrong. How bout it.