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  1. I have hair like on my upper cheek area almost near my eye.. on my zygomatic bone area if that helps.. and i have to shave there because the hair is visible and it seems like the hair is getting thicker and darker everytime i shave there.. suggestions?? what should i do..
  2. Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed- interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisure wear and matching luggage. Choose a three piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning. Choo
  3. People lets think about this vicious skin disease. It has NO detrimental affects to the human body. Yet some of us let acne control our lives! Don’t be ashamed I use to let it run my life. I didn’t go out with friends when I had acne.. I didn’t talk to the girls I wanted to..etc.. my social life was sucky . Every time I woke up in the morning I looked at my face in disgust .. I bought hundreds of dollars of medicine for it.. I prayed almost everyday.. I became angry.. But
  4. Its been a while since i have been on acne.org. So sorry for those of you who know me. I have been busy with school and life . Anyway.. My skin looks fantastic now . After all those medications and face washs.. one day i finally gave up on my cleaning my skin "properly" and just used old spice liquid soap to clean my face and body. And strangley my skin is better from using this ordinary soap instead of neautrogena or clearisil etc. I think these so called unique products hurt my skin instead
  5. Ok so i have a pimple between my ear and sideburn where there is no hair at all. Its freagin huge. I thought there needs to be a pore in order for a pimple to develop. Well there is no pore in my case..wtf?
  6. Fuck life. Fuck school. And Fuck Acne. Drinking tonight to that. hell yeah
  7. Ok this is the first time im going somewhere for spring break! Im going to Rosarito Beach Mexico! My friends and I are gonna be there for 4 days and it sounds like its going to be a blast. One problem though, I still got freakin Acne on my face and Back. This kinda sucks now that i think about it. Im gonna be swimming and walking around with my shirt off and my back looks so horrible with acne and scars and i still have mild/moderate acne on my face. Hopefully the girls there get wasted so i c
  8. Ahhh want to express my feelings. So my life is like hell right now. I’m currently attending a university and it has already got me stressed out. On top of that it’s my roommates 21st birthday party tomorrow… and I got a shitload of acne on my face. I have this really gigantic zit on my cheek, near my eye, and it’s so fuckin red. Why the fuck do these pimples appear at important times of my life, shit they dont take a fucking break. We are expecting so many people at o
  9. Well.. when i whack off 3 times a week i notice my skin gets more oily, resulting in more pimples. When i stop for a week or so, my skin becomes less oily and i dont break out. Ive been testing this theory for quite a while and i believe there is a correlation between masturbation and acne. Try to stop. Ive tryed to stop and cut back but its really hard. Im 20 yrs old and im sadly addicted to it. And when i do successfuly quit for a week i end up getting wet dreams.
  10. Whenver i study long hours in the library.. my face gets hella oily. Since im in the library i cant wash my face.. so is it ok to get a paper towl from the bathroom and pat my oil out of my face?
  11. Guys. Bad news. Yes she is the town bicycle. Everyone gets to ride it. When i went to mexico with her she got a number from one of the guys i went with. He was a friend of a friends. And they are going on a date tomorrow. After all that love i showed her and the cuddling and kisses.. it didnt mean shit. Current mood: Sad. When i thought i found someone that dosnt care about my apperance i was wrong. She just wanted sex. FUCK YOU, YOU HOE, I DONT WANT YOU BACK'
  12. Well first off when i said i got some i didnt mean sex nor a kiss.. so figure it out. And shes not a slut. I didnt just ask her out just like that. We have known eachother for a couple months now. And one day i just got the guts to ask her to the movies.
  13. The girl i dated was so acceptable. She has flawless skin. She really digs my personality and that makes her overlook my acne. There are a few girls out there that dont make a big deal out of apperance. And i luckily found one of those girls.
  14. GUYS! THE DATE WENT GREAT! We saw a movie called Aeon Flux or something.. the movie has a unique concept to it but not worth seeing at the theatre. BUt anyway we cuddled in the theatre and i didnt even think about my skin. I just acted confident. Then that same night my friends decided to goto mexico and my date came along with us and yup.. i got some.