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  1. I'm gonna go with micro needling from owndoc.com
  2. Good thing to be a veteran? lol Ive been looking into microneedling and just not sure on some questions, if you or someone else wouldn't mind answering? Stainless steel vs Titanium alloy, which one is recommended? Should I use the microneedling in combination with 20% Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid?
  3. I was wondering if you guys could help me with some treatment options for my skin? I was suffering from acne during teenage/high school years, you can see pictures from my profile and Accutane helped me clear my skin but left terrible scarring. What treatment options would you recommend that I should go discuss with a dermatologist or on my own based on these pictures of my face scars? These scars are really preventing me from living a social life
  4. Isn't fraxel CO2 type laser that will help restore the collagen production in the skin or something? I don't have shallow scarring... its mostly deep... i cant take pictures of it because they dont show up well on the pictures...
  5. Well.ca is a respectable web site, they ship to the US as well as Canada. Shipping to Canada is free, but they charge shipping fee for US for orders under 99$. http://well.ca/products/spectro-jel_3721.html
  6. Has anyone tried the HydraCare combination skin moisturizer...? I've been using the Dove Sensitive Skin moisturizer, well it doesn't really do much... I don't really feel it helps the skin get well moisturized and by evening time my skin starts looking shiny/oily...
  7. I have some deep tissue scarring on my right cheek and some normal ice pick like scars on my left... aftermath of accutane but at least Im acne free so I am thankful to it. Now I am really annoyed by these scars, they are just keep my confidence level down and buried. I've been researching about fraxel for a while now, most people say its a really good treatment actually the best treatment available right now for all sorts of scarring. If the results are worth it, money is not a issue... I can
  8. Your skin looks beautiful... even before the procedure and after it looks even better, I'd say you honestly don't need to be wearing make up with such clear skin. The redness will disappear within a few weeks, keep applying something approved by the doctor to help with the healing process...
  9. I am in the same boat as you with deep ice pick sort of scars on my cheeks after accutane... I can't find a reliable treatment that would offer me good results, I keep reading that fraxel helps but some people say they only notice minimal improvements after 4-5 treatments, and spending $5000 on something of that sort with only minimal improvements is not worth it. If I save up so much money and still do not have clear skin, that's just a piss off.
  10. Is there no treatment for deep scarring? I am in desperate need for deep scarring treatment after accutane!
  11. Because of the GREED... they should be helping patients feel good about their skin but instead they stab a hole in your pocket and give you false hope of having normal skin.
  12. Can someone please look over the ingredients list for this cleanser, it looks really good and doesn't have a single bad review... http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...requestid=95696 I am looking for a new cleanser because my skin is getting oily again after accutane, and IM just having nightmares about pimples everyday... even a slight neglect in my skin care routine brings a tiny white head on my skin and freaks me out because I do not wish to go through the 7 years of hell again...
  13. You can't blame Accutane for the faults of your doctors... first the doctor shouldn't have prescribed you accutane for minor blackheads, second you should've been careful enough not to get IPL and have told your other doctor about accutane... why would you go to two different derms, and not discuss your history?