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  1. BSDetector, loved your post! I really needed the humor today and got a big laugh from it! Can't say I agree with everything that is said in the posts but as a cure for acne or any illness there could possibly be a cure for many many things but again money and power play big, big rolls in all of this. Sometimes I think that we are our onw worst enemys when it comes to our skin and how we look. I myself have dealt with acne since my teens and still break out in my 50's and it SUCKS!!! I try to eat
  2. I am one of those older ones. I wear makeup but it is subtle, little foundation, little blush, but I do wear extra eye makeup as my lashes are so light. In my 50's and I still break out. Watch what I eat, peanuts, ham, sausage, seseme, sunflower (seeds or oil) and my neck breaks out to where I look like I have chickenpox! I also break out here and there on my face too. So, NO! it doesn't end permanently for me.
  3. Could be the fish oil or the multi. When my daughter took a multi it broke her out. Try eliminating them, then gradually add one at a time and see if you can pinpoint which it is. Elf
  4. I too was curious about this so I googled it. One of the sites had an account from a girl who said she took 3 cups of filtered water and 3 tbs of dried thyme. boiled it for a few minutes, strained the liquid off, let it cool and put in a spray container stored in the fridge and sprayed her face with it before bed every nite. After a week she saw a reduction in her acne and after a month a very big change in her skin. You could do a patch test to see how you react and then go from there. Everyone
  5. Oh, about 20 yrs ago I was on ortho novom 150/28 and it was the best thing ever! I didn't put on any weight that I know, of course I was a waitress and was constantly running. Cleared my skin to the point I didn't have to use anything, just wash and go. Got married, had kids, came off of bc and had a tubal after the last child. No skin problems other than really dry skin. But after a major emotional event, my husband and I got fired from the company we worked for, my skin went to HADES! don't k
  6. How about at my age I've "earned it"! all the hell I've been through, all the pain and stress and humiliation, all of the times that were supposed to be special in my life have been ruined by acne! And yes I know I am having a "pity party" but so what! I think that we have all "earned it"!!!! I look at the kids I work with that could be my kids and they have the kind of skin I want. Most of them don't take care of it, eat whatever and never give it a thought. I bet they don't think about that on
  7. I do. Any kind of nut breaks me out so bad on my neck I look like I have a terrible case of chicken pox! Doesn't matter what I do, soak or not they destroy my skin. Elf
  8. While I like the new format there is one thing I don't like is that when you are in a forum and you are done reading or posting and you click the back button or post button it takes you back to the top of the forum that you are in and doesn't put you back on the topic that you where reading or posting. What gives with that? Elf
  9. MSM broke me out on my neck so bad! It got to the point that I wasn't eating hardley anything trying to figure out what it was and then I ran out of msm and didn't replace it, my neck cleared up in a matter of weeks. Put back all the stuff I cut out and realized it was the MSM that did it. Did some research and found it could possibly cause acne, so for me it did. Elf
  10. We ate well when I was growing up. Fruits and veggies, lean meats whole wheat bread, vitamins. Rarley did we have fried anything or soda, candy or junk food. McDs was not in the picture and when we did eat "fast food" I was never allowed to order soda or ice cream. My mom always made homemade cookies or cake once in a while. Christmas or Thanksgiving was when she would bake and it really wasn't a lot and my sister and I weren't allowed to eat too much of the sweets. So basically we had a good di
  11. Apparently its not the case for me. If I eat nuts of any kind or ham or sausage I break out on my neck to the point that I look like I have chickenpox! I have tried this again and again and it never fails. So, for me I will avoid it probably forever. Elf
  12. It could be the lye in it. I know when I went to the Dr. about my eczema and told them I was using a lye soap because I read that it helped with that condition she said it was the worse possible thing I could use for my skin. Maybe it was me but when I ditched it and went to Dove unsecented it helped a lot. Elf
  13. Me either. I would be interested to know this myself since I suffer from acne and I am in my 50's. Elf
  14. I have read that this is a great way to clear your skin, but what if you wear makeup? How do you get the makeup off? seems if I don't wash my back or chest it clears up but my face and neck are different. Any suggestions? Elf
  15. While I have not had anyone say anything my husband on the other hand has said somethings. Like we were talking about some food that I know will break me out for sure and he said, " so, you get a couple of zits, big deal". Really made me upset because he doesn't understand, he has never had a pimple in his life and neither did his family. It bothers me because I am in my 50's and really wish this crap would die out. But it just doesn't. My daughter has had problems and at times her skin has been