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  1. spironolactone I know your hormones tested normal, but mine did also. I really would try it for 3 months and see. I'm completely clear now, also 27 female. Nothing else has worked for me. I took accutane and was clear for about 2 years, but then it came back. I would really try it. Where is the majority of your acne located on your face?
  2. I took accutane and my acne came back after about a year of being off of it. It's definitely less severe, but still bad. I started taking spironolactone mid July and my skin is completely clear now. My complexion is starting to look better too. If it's hormonal I think you should check it out.
  3. Just wanted to share my success with spironolactone since not many posts are uplifting. I am so happy to say that my skin is looking good finally!! I was clear for about a year after taking accutane, but this past year the acne started coming back. I am so thankful I was put on spiro. and I wish I knew about it sooner. If you are a woman and have acne I really think you should ask your doctor about this if they haven't prescribed it for you. Sincerely, Lauren
  4. loki


    Hopeful-thanks for asking about me and also thanks for responding Kittenkaboodle. I has been a little over a month now of taking the spiro and I think it is starting to get better I still have a small breakout on my cheek and one larger one along my jawline. I hope this takes care of it!!! hope you're all doing good!
  5. I've only received one cortisone shot for a cyst and like you it didn't seem like it was going down, but after about 3-4 days it went down. Retin-A is safe but it takes a long time to work. If you use Retin-A make sure you wear sunscreen (should anyway) or limit sun. I have found that going into beach water makes my skin better. Haven't noticed a change with swimming in a pool but I don't really think it's going to make it worse.
  6. I understand! After accutane I was clear for about a year. I really thought I finally wouldn't have to worry about my skin anymore. Unfortunately I was wrong I haven't even been going out because it's so bad. Did your dermatologist say accutane again? Mine put me on something else since it isn't as bad, but in my opinion it is bad enough.
  7. loki


    Hey, thanks for your response! Very glad to hear that it keeps you so clear. I don't really think it's my BCP, I take Yasmin. I have been clear while taking Yasmin so I don't think it's that. I just hope this stuff works soon!! The tazorac is annoying too, but people say you have to wait. Patience is key I know, but I am too embarassed to leave the house
  8. loki


    Hi everyone especially ladies, I started 100mg of spironolactone the beginning of the month. I;ve also been using tazorac. My face is so broken out right now I will not leave the house which means I've missed a dentist appt and class. I am extremely depressed. I thought after accutane I'd be through with this nightmare and I'd only have to deal with the nightmare of scars. Wrong I also was wondering if my multivitamin, Centrum, might be contributing? Any thoughts? Thanks!!
  9. I needled some of my worst scars on my cheek. One of them in particular looked bigger after needling. Did this happen to anyone else and will this go away? I certainly don't want bigger scars. Last week I needled 4 large pores on my other cheek. They have bothered me for years. I know it's too soon to tell, but they do seem as though they are changing which is awesome b/c they have been the same for years. Thanks!
  10. loki


    thanks for all of your support. it's just so typical for my skin to break out when i need it to be clear the most. i was clear for a while by being on accutane and then recently just started to break out again. i really thought i was over with this battle. all this makes me so depressed. i do appreciate your messages. i guess i should try to focus on other things today.
  11. loki


    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAh. I"m getting married next in a week in Bermuda and my skin looks like ass. It was clear for a while after taking accutane now is startign to erupt again. I have scars and now more acne. I can't stand it. It seriously makes me want to postpone the wedding. Any thoughts on what I can do to make this break out go away quick? It takes forever for them to go away. I could cry. I just may. FTW I HATE ACNE. I'm sure I'll look real pretty with bumps on my face and ruts and mar
  12. I was wondering this too. After my wedding I am going to try, so I can't do anything until mid July. I can't wait. I am so sick of this. Honestly, I would think that needling would work for scarred pores. I'm so happy to hear it has worked for your boxcar scars. How long was your downtime when you needled James? Did you have a lot of scars that you needled? Thanks for your help!
  13. Yes I am feeling suicidal right now. My wedding is in 2 weeks and my skin is broken out worse than it has been since i stopped taking accutane a year and a half ago. I'm sure that the breakout is caused by going to the tanning salon so I am stopping. I hope hope hope I clear up by then. I still have shitty skin with scars and rough texture so what does it matter anyway.