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  1. Does anybody know of a dr that does punch grafts near pittsburgh, or somewhere close to around there?
  2. The swelling in bruising is indeed what it is that takes you 5-6 days to heal from. Black, blue, purple, swollen, ect.. That is the deal for 5-6 days.. Maybe longer for you.. Take at least 4-5 days off, and/or use a perfect skin tone match of makeup. People will defiantly be able to tell if its anywhere on your face for the first week. That is the trade-off for 20% improvement. There is no other way.
  3. tkefsc


    your in texas right??? When I was looking for places, I remember coming across a few places in texas that did it. I could probably find them again....
  4. I am sure it is true that auxiliary supplements can/do play a factor in healing, however in the case of silikon 1000, it probably is not much of a factor. You will heal from it in 5-6 days, or at least I do, and I do not use any of the healing enhancer agents. For all practical purposes, and compared to other scar procedures, there is basically no heal time from silikon 1000 molding injection, or at least I do not consider 5-6 days much to worry about at all.. It will also looks its finest du
  5. tkefsc


    Ok thanks dan. Iwas considering those if I cannot find places closer to me. I was hoping to find someone in ohio, penn, maryland, ect.. I have had 5 rounds of silikon 1000, got about 20% improvement each and every time. I need one more round or so to be very happy. It took several years and alot of money, but the silikon mixed with punch grafts and spot dermabrasion took me from worst to first almost. I have heard some people on here say they want their problem scars flat as a board, well
  6. tkefsc


    does anybody know some drs. on east coast whom inject silikon oil?
  7. Hi tkefsc - can you describe your scars some more that have been helped with a punch graft . What is a deep chip? thanks sheryllynn
  8. I could not see exactly what they were doing, so basically I do not know for sure. I could not imagine fixing any smaller of an area than 1mm, so it is not especially surprising to me to hear U see no pimple. Your using names like punch float, and dermal graph, I do not know if those are different variations from what I did. What I did was merely called a punch graft. Also I think each plastic surg. may also have their own slight variations of this procedure. It is my experience that many PS
  9. If U get a punch GRAFT on an icepick, well, then the results R high grade. It is simply a two-step process, and I am getting 2 more asap to finish off some final re-constructions and/or issues I have left unresolved. If U happen to do this, U will just have a pimple instead of a hole for about 6 weeks until full fusion takes place of course. And it will also be a red pimple, most here should not be unfamiliar with what those happen to be like, and so that is the worst of it. This pimple you w
  10. yes ylem I agree with tricia very much as I think she hit the nail on the head. You will have a hard time convincing me that you have not received improvement since we both decided to do it last august. I do not regret having 4 sessions of it at all! I will be the first to admit it is a lame process to go through, and a complete drag, but it helped finish flattening mine out alot. I think I got an even 50-65% correction from 4 session. Not great, but I will take it to be sure. Unlike many