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  1. I think moisturizing and exfoliation (Apple Cider Vinegar Method) are two things that must go along. Several times i ve noticed that if i only exfoliate my skin , it will undoubtly get irritated. I ve been researching in this website and finally i decided to get Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. I wont definitely use it at mornings , my face would look greasy.So that leaves only an option: use it at night which is time when i use apple cider vinegar. Does anyone include mixing apple cider vin
  2. Update I ve been doing the two times face washing routine (morning and evening with soap) plus one face washing with just water. Results: Not so happy with results.When I did my second face washing (i.e facewashing with just water) , my skin looks like when you try to clean a greasy dish with just water: a mess.Not the feeling of cleaning that used to give me the soap. Back when I use to do my three times face washing routine with soap, my second-washing was a very gentle washing , not a hars
  3. acne_suks and all of you who replied: Thanks for your answers.My skin was so irritated yesterday so i needed a moisturizer badly.I bought an avocado and smashed it and made some kind of mask with it which i applied onto my face and leave it for 20 mins. I read avocado is a natural moisturizer.My skin looks better now, but I am still in search of a moisturizer in a bottle, I am not planning to make avocado mask every night Thanks Kiutiboi
  4. t3m17 I know what you are going through.I have the same problem.This is what i do: Mornings:Facewash with a your favourite gentle soap (mine is glycerin soap) before your routine. In between , remove sweat with just water.This is what i do, i use toilet paper to remove the first layer of dirt & sweat , then wash your face gently with just water , and then dry it. I used to wash my face with soap everytime i finished my routine, this lead me to irritated skin. Evenings:Facewash with your
  5. Normally, when you apply mositurizer on your face at night.Do you leave it on your face all night long? Thanks
  6. Hi there. My acne is mild but my scarring is noticeable. :ph34r: When my skin gets greasy , it makes scarring look worse. I had always washed my face twice a day (morning and evening). However my skin didn't look clear consistently.I mean, one day it could look good and the next day: not so good. BUT For one week I tried to wash my face three times a day (i washed it every 8 hours).Consequently, my face looked much better than when i used to wash it twice. NOW After two weeks of this rout
  7. Ive just had a bad moment...someone showed me some pictures of me and some friends.Maybe it's the flashlight from the camera,maybe it is the grease of my face..maybe i am not photogenic at all ..maybe it's all that mixed up im comparing those photos with one i took with my webcam...way too much difference!...iit looks nicer in the last one .. hey! i think i look better in photos with light of day..is it weird? shouldn't it look worse in light of day? ok...never mind...i m just thinking alou
  8. ManicDepression wrote kiutiboi yeah i agree about the hot water, i didnt try yet, but it must make the vinegar penetrate deeper in the skin. How much improvement have you got on your scars so far with vinegar? I presume it is exactly what you say.Cotton ball soaked through diluted vinegar in hot water makes your skin absorbs it better.I've tried several times with cold water and defintely it won't give me the results i have with hot watter , at least for my skin. HI Kiutiboi: Si
  9. I hadnt entered this forum for a while.I see new posters in this thread.I just wanted to add that i am a fan of apple cider vinegar and i've been using consistently for almost a year. This long period of usage brings obviously some knowledge that i'd like to share with newbies to apple cider vinegar. Disclaimer: Every skin is diiferent so take this carefully. 1.I've noticed greater results when vinegar is mixed in hot water and then applied all over your face. 2.Your skin reaches a perio
  10. Yes.I wash off the gel with a soft soap.I see my pores bigger...is this permanent?
  11. Wow.I finally could get a hold of Puredeming Intense Gel.I ve been using it onto all over my face and I discontinued my vinegar treatment during those days.My skin went SO MUCH greasy that i feel awful.Maybe it is just my type of skin.I ve read so many woderful reports about it but thing is that it simply doesn't work for me.I feel my pores have enlarged and a feeling of greasiness that i can't still fget rid of. Ive used it for 3 days...how long does this pure deming intense gel last? how ca
  12. Hi Maya, I ve received my Puredeming Intense Gel.Does it look very grainy ?with little tiny green points? Ok.I know there is a Intense Gel Non-C for copper peptides users.What are those copper peptides? and if i am using applce cider vinegar ..what is the kind of Puredeming Intense Gel i should use Thanks Kiutiboi
  13. I was away of this board a while and....Wait...wait..wait..I am just starting to try Puredeming and all of the sudden, Camelia Oil is the miracle oil. And the best of all , i assumen, accoridng to what i ve read from Maya first post about this Camelia oil, that doesn't cause sun sensitivity , so i don't need a sunblock...sounds good. For those who have tried this product, how different this Camelia Oil is from Puredeming Intense Gel? Thanks Kuitiboi
  14. Yeah.I tried concha de nacar once.I ve watched that ridiculous infomercials.And I understand all what they say because I speak spanish.Spanish is my native language.... Crema de concha de nacar can produce some results but in A VERY VERY LONG TIME (speaking in terms of years) Kiutiboi
  15. now,seriously,they who use puredeming in a normal , no this-is-the-last-bottle-of-puredeming way.How long does it last for? I am talking about 2 Oz bottle and only using it in your face (not neck...and other parts) K.
  16. Who of all the people who have tried mandelic and vinegar, could say that vinegar or mandelic has given a better result than the other? K.
  17. Due to a reference i got to skinceuticals sunscreens which according to their website contains a component which makes them transparent. Has anyone tested these sunscreens? http://www.skinlogic.com/product/categorie...ens1.html#at342
  18. yeah! me!...i have this tendency to lose weight easily so drinking water with lemon is no help at all for my fight against weight losing.I drink a natural orange juice every 2 days and it has been good for my skin so far. The way i see, lemon or orange juice is a complement for a great topical treatment where the star is the vinegar Kiutiboi
  19. @781: I don't know, but based on what you say chances are it does.Go for the proved-method, just get a cotton ball soaked through apple cider vinegar and pad it onto your face.One tip (at least it works for me) , do not scrub it , just pad it on your face. And take into account that you should try what portion vinegar and what portion water you are going to use.When I started with this,i tried 1 part vinegar,1 part water but in one or two months my skin get irritated so you should know when to
  20. You guys who don't dilute vinegar probably should take care of irritation.I started with 1 part vinegar 1 part water and it worked great for me ..for 1 motnh or so.Right after that, my skin started to get irritated , i was wondering why and then found out that i had to dilute vinegar in more water so my skin could tolerate it again.I had to moisturize during these days of irritation and then back to vinegar diluted in more water. So, watch out with how much vinegar you are applying to your face
  21. I don't wanna be redundant on this subject but i am kind of excited/afraid to start mandelic acid treatment very soon. Years ago when i started glycolic acid treatments and when i went through dermabrassion procedures i was indicated to use sunblock every day until the end of the treatment. As far as i know,mandelic acid is not a procedure as hard as a glycolic acid or even dermabrassion so i perfectly understand if i would have to use a sunblock when i am exposed to sun like going to beach, b
  22. When i had my dermabrassion (not micro)..you know..the hard way to do a dermabrassion,that was the only time my derma told me to use a sunblock. Now that i am about to use mandelic acid (Mandlic Serum 10%), is the use of sunblock a must for just going out? or just in hot weather places like during summer or going to beach? As far as i know , this mandelic treatment is kinda a forever-treatment so that means you will be always using sunblock even when u are not directly exposed to sun??? would
  23. As many of you, I ordered my mandelic acid yesterday after reading most of the success stories with it in this board. question is even when you only use mandelic in your skin all the night, do you still have to use sunblock during all the day? if so, how long? just at the begining of the treatment? can anyone clarify this? my skin gets greasy with sunblocks Thanks kiutiboi
  24. Is there anything you use as a *natural* moisturizer?
  25. For those here using vinegar method for more than one month.When you do this vinegar or other method , for that matter, to your skin , it is likely that in the long run, it gets *tired* of vinegar or whatever method you are using to exfoliate your skin.Your skin looks kind of irritated and tired.Some of you might know what i am talking about. My question is...what are you using as a combination method with the vinegar? I know many of you probably will say things like puredeming gel but if it