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  1. Made the decision not to start until after my holiday. My skin has calmed down anyway.
  2. I really don't know what to do. Took my second tablet today. God it's so frustrating how you bloody have to resolve everything around acne. I really want a tan aswell, kinda to impress someone I like, to come back with tanned skin, pathetic I know, but hey, IM A TEEN!! haha. Think I may ring the derm tomorrow, see what they suggest. It's annoying aswell because I have slightly broke out and I wanted the tane to heal it, but then aswell the sun clears up my skin, so I am in two minds.
  3. Hehe. Are you referring to The Vengaboys - Were Going To Ibiza ?? Which sounded like "were going to eat pizza" haha. If not, I have no idea what you are talking about =P Hmmmmm, I'm really puggled as to what to do. Maybe I should contact my derm and ask him what he thinks. Maybe I just shouldn't start the tane till after my holiday. God it's so annoying. chris x
  4. Hi people, Unfortunately I had to start a second course of Roaccutane. I broke out really badly in the past couple of weeks, I think due to exam stress and my uncle dying, but anyway.. I have been gettin a REALLY good tan recently from sunbeds as I am going to Ibiza in 3 weeks. But now I'm back on the 'tane will it be OK to continue going? Also, when on holiday is it safe to be in the strong sun? At the moment I'm on 30mg. Thanks. xx
  5. DAY 36 WOW! Wow! and wow! My skin hasn't looked this great in ages. My nose has been prone to blackheads for a couple of years, and it's usually very oily, at the moment I do not have 1 blackhead on it, when i touch it it doesn't feel like I'm touching my own nose because it's so soft. I can't believe it. My major cyst as I like to call it has gradually deflated (haha) and it isn't noticeable anymore unless you know it's there (it's hard to describe). I have a scab on my chin just now, but
  6. Hi, Well I'm on day 23 of Accutane at the moment, and I think it's about time to sort out my disgraceful diet. I am very skinny (people say this to me all the time) but I eat like a complete pig. I have a Chinese takeaway at the most 3 or 4 times a week. In between this I could have chips, pizza, sweets, biscuits, fizzy drinks etc etc you know the score. Although I eat lots of fruit and drink a lot of water. My mother cooks my meals (I am 16) and noone in my house has a good diet whatsoever
  7. DAY 23 Very happy with my results so far. Can't believe what day I'm on already!! My skin is totally clear ATM. Because I know were my major cyst is I can notice it, but no one else can!! I don't have any active spots and everything has dried up completley. My lips (which were very sore and were stopping me from eating) and no longer cracked at the sides, the Vaseline has done the job. Back pains aren't as sore (maybe I am just getting used to them.) I have also landed a part in the World Pr
  8. DAY 19 My face is relatively clear. I was at a Fancy Dress Party and my Phantom Of The Opera mask cut into my nose and I started bleeding. It didn't stop for about 15 minutes. I have a round cut there now that is doing my head in. Also the sides of my lips are real real bad. They have cracked to hell and I can barely open my mouth. for anyone who has experienced this, should I keep applying Vaseline, or let it dry out?
  9. DAY 14 WOW! 2 weeks already. Well, my swollen lip has went down completely, I think it may just have been an initial side affect, but it was very worrying. My lips are very very very dry at the moment. And the weather up here in Scotland isn't that great at the moment; its freezing. I can't put my vaseline on in school 'cos it's too shiny lol. My skin is looking great, I think I may have passed IB now No active spots whatsoever. I'm very pleased.
  10. Errr..I'm really worried. The left hand side of my bottom lip has swollen up, and it's difficult to talk, my mouth kind of sags to the side. Underneath the bottom left hand side of my lip I can feel a hard lump underneath the skin, it is quite sore to touch. What should I do?
  11. DAY 8 WOW! I think IB is definitely here. I had a major cyst on my chin. Last night i put a hot compress/cold compress on it, and today it's a slightly large whitehead, I'm not going to touch it though. Also to the left of my nose I have 2 hard whitehead kind of cyst things that are gradually going down. Lips are VERY VERY dry now. It's not sore, just annoying.
  12. I'm on Accutane - can I eat what I want and not worry about breaking out? I have been avoiding fast fod and stuff.
  13. DAY 5 First day back to school today after the October Week. Some people have commented that my skin is looking good. My cheeks have been feeling really hot recently, is this a side affect. My back is still in a lot of pain in the morning. Also I can feel my lips starting to peel and they have slightly bled. I had to put some moisturizer on my cheeks and inbetween my eyebrows aswell.
  14. DAY 3 Back wasn't as sore this morning. No new active spots or cysts. Cheeks are slightly flushed, lips don't seem to be dry anymore.