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  1. I have always used my hands to wash my face~i always felt i got a better cleanse that way. I also don't use a towel or any cloth to dry my face. I buy the extra thick/soft Bounty paper towels and keep that under the sink and use them to dry off my face. They don't irritate my skin and I find it helps a bit b/c I am using a fairly bacteria-free disposable towel to dry off with. HTH B
  2. Hey Everyone, I;m new to this group & am hoping to get some opinions. Just a lil background here~I am 25 and lived with acne most of my teenage/adult life. I have moderate scarring on my cheeks & have been getting microdermabrasion done to help with that and with excellent results I might add. What I am needing help with is this...... I don't break out like I used to but still on ocassion do break out and when I do it's stubborn lol But I am also now concerned with aging and wanting to