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  1. Im 24 and I come from a boring town called Newcastle, where Ant & Dec come from!
  2. I feel for you and I know its depressing but dont waste your time thinking about what other people are thinking cos its the thinking that f*cks you up, concentrate on something else like something you like doing, it dosent matter if you dont have any confidence, not alot of people do anyway, but things WILL be better oneday!!
  3. yes, it helps if you drink a pint of luke warm water with a tablespoon of lemon juice in it, when you wake up!
  4. Which shop in the UK can I buy bp?? I dont like buying online!
  5. My acne has almost cleared and I've been waiting a long time for the scars to heal, Im using 'Palmers Cocoa butter' and its helping to fade them cos they are going pink now and I have some hope they will be gone soon!
  6. I use 'Palmers Cocoa butter with vitamin E' , Its not greasy, easily absorbed, helps with scarring and a great moisturiser!!
  7. It said on my instructions to take it an hour before food so your body absorbs it better.
  8. Thats exactly how I feel, Its great to be optimistic again!
  9. I would thank god and then take my son to all those busy public parks he loves to go to and stay all day and chat to everyone!!
  10. I thought I was alone until I found this site, its helped me alot!
  11. And I thought I was the only one! Its a nightmare, but never mind!
  12. theres nothing wrong in a woman wanting to be in a secure relationship with a man with money, we need to feel secure! And we have got the right idea too, because all men go for in women is looks and whats the benefit of that!! Not much cos looks fade!