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  1. hi how are you doing. how is your skin

  2. So it's been a year since I started this treatment and I am clear. I want to give up somethings that I feel made this happen. 1. No picking, absolutly not... I know how it is when you wake up and see a new one.. you think if i squeeze it will get it all out and go away. nope.. it just spreads or takes longer to heal 2. no caffeine... i do drink green tea, sometimes i'll have decaf but straight coffee makes your body go into flight or fight mode causing stress/hormone imbalances 3. eat mostly
  3. i've been using the mask about once a week and only washing my face with warm water and wash cloth at nite. my skin has never been so clear. less is more. i wish i tried these 10 years ago. I would of saved thousands. also, i no longer look at my skin as acne or pimples.. if i get one i dont give it any attention and it goes away in a few days. i think once you name it or identify it you give it more power to spread.
  4. So I tried whole wheat ezekil bread and have been dealing with breaks and Candidia. befor having the seseme one, with no problems. also noticed that using on clay as my cleanser is working nice.. so no more goats milk... it was costing too much too.
  5. I love raw caoca.. i mix it with a young coconut, scoop of peanut butter, bananna.. throw it the the blender and dinner is served it''s high in magnesium
  6. I've been eating ezekiel bread for a few weeks with no problems. I had white bread last nite and today I'm breaking out. Do you guys like the ezekiel bread? I'm wondering if it's the only bread I can eat. http://www.foodforlife.com/index.html (ezekiel's website)
  7. My skin has the pretty clear. Until last nite, I ate half of loaf of bread... today everytime I look in the mirror I see a new one pop up.. it's really inflammed cysts too... I had been eating ezekiel bread for a few weeks with no breakouts.. so i figured bread was fine.... although the bread I ate was white, last nite.
  8. For those who can not tolerate cows milk how is goats milk? has it caused acne?
  9. i quit using cleansers and only use raw goats milk mixed with bentonite clay. it has been working wonders. my skin is soft, less red, and acne heals really fast.
  10. Update: I found a great cleanser/mask topical. It's the only thing I have been doing and my skin looks great! I mix redmond clay with goats milk. If you can get raw goats milk, use it. It's better. The clay sucks all the dirt,oil,pus out while the goats milk soothes and exfoliates. I'm not using any cleanser. I do a light mask in the morning for 10 minutes and one at nite for 20. If i have any blemishes I spot treat it over nite. my skin has never been this soft since i was a kid.
  11. you need more probotic than yogart.. there is tons of different type. the best one is my jarro called http://www.vitacost.com/Jarrow-Formulas-Ja...robiotic-System i've tried them all, liquid, dry, yogart.. this one is very good. i just bought it at whole foods for $15
  12. i've been mixing it with my cleanser for extra lift of oil. also i mix it with goats milk and salt and leave it on for few minutes. you can drink it with water to release toxins. haven't tried bath tub.
  13. I got married, got a new job, and starting yoga school. Lots going on.... lots stress equals lots acne. booooo. still doing raw diet, i've lost weight. feel better but my skin is looking the same. im gonna give it another 6 months. If my acne is still here then it's back to the derm for some rx.
  14. thanks! i swear my acne is caused be worry and repressed anger