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  1. It's safe in regards to not causing any serious side effects. BUT, you need to keep in mind then when you drink it is the B-Vits that are drained pretty fast. This could rended your last (or last 2 doses) useless. The more you drink the worse it could get and the more B5 you would need just to even everything out (nevermind enough to clear the skin). B5 itself will not give you cysts. BUT, if you have had any upcoming cystic bumps that were under the skin, and/or areas that ne
  2. Thanks for the reply Poohman. That is good to know. I feel like my scarring and skin texture, would need some kind of touch up treatment after the injections (especially where some of the deeper scars are def- initely a different color than the rest of the skin). I must say I am excited about this approach. I have recently ordered some TCA Complex as well as some crystals that I'll try in the meantime, but I will try to plan on getting this procedure done in the very near future.
  3. I've read a couple posts in this thread talking about getting work done after the injections (i.e. peels, exoderm, etc.) Do the doctors tell you that you're able to use products or procedures that get under the outer layers of the skin without ruining the Bio-Alcamid or the capsule it ends up forming under the skin? It would be great to be able to use this procedure to fill up the majority of bumps (at a pretty good cost) and then even out the rest with either a good TCA peel, Exoder
  4. I'd be very weary of these guys. This used to be sold unde ranother name but I can't think of what is was before. Plus, if "Laura Harring" or her agent sees her picture up there they will sue the site and it will be out of business before you know it. In regards to your shrinking pore size question, yes, Accutane can lead to smaller pores. Also, B5 can as well. It is actuallly not the product that is directly responsible for the pore size. It is the products effect on the amount of se
  5. Glycerin is used mroe for pulling water from the air to help moisturize the skin. It has other uses but that is the usually the main one in lotions/creams. It is used in soaps as well, especially clear soaps. If youuse glycerine be sure to use the glycerine that is vegetable derived.
  6. Actually water can be somewhat of a carrier. But if water was the only other ingredient it would depend on the mol- ecular weight of the B5 as to how deep (or if at all) it will penetrate the skin - I am now sure about it's MW. I doubt DMSO will eventually lead to cancer. DMSO pene- trates incredibly fast. You can rub some on the sole of your feet and within no time be tasting it in your mouth. The only problem with DMSO is the terrible breath you'll get from continued usage. Aloe V
  7. As long as you have the pantothenic acid in a 'carrier' base, the B5 can help metabolize the skin oil. This is paramount for clearer skin. It can also help to minimize oil flow, but thinner oil is more important for clear skin than less oil flow. The internal treatment is always the best option but the topical B5 can help speed things along.
  8. Actually, there is truth to that. Studies have been done and proven to show that in time there could be a heightened sensitivity ti skin cancer with long term BP usage. I believe Canada has been trying to put out more information regarding this as well. If you (mattp8498) think that the powers to be would let the cat out of the bag and risk losing a $2 BILLION market, which BP alone is right now, you're nuts. Until they come out with something else, this will most be some time befor
  9. Are you serious? You're wondering why your skin hasn't responded after only 2 days of treatment? B5 works rather fast on the oil flow but it doesn't work within days for everyone. It will usually take up to a couple weeks before the oil flow slows down. Also, your diet will play a hand in that as well. If you're eating too many carbs or food loaded with hydrogenated fats it will make your skin oilier (and the B5 will need to work harder - or you'll need more). Give it time. If you
  10. Everyoe is different and each can absorb more or less B5 at one time. This is why it is suggested to break the dosage down into multiple dosages for the best chance. It is better, in terms of absorption, to take smaller amounts more frequently. You will USE more of the B5 this way. Also, by doing this and keeping records, you may need much less than the 10g that is usuall recommended. With that being said, 1g 10 x's per day would work better than 5 g 2 times per day, but that is a r
  11. There must have been some type of misunderstand- ing along the way. When I was on the B5, Acne Miracle had told me to take them at the same time, that the other b vitamins help the B5 absorption.
  12. Look for a product called Colon Cleanse by Health Plus Inc. I use the orange flavored drink. Each tbsp is 10g of fiber. The orange flavored drink tastes great when mixed with orange juice. (take a little to mix in completely, or else it could be a little gritty, but still a VERY easy fiber supp.
  13. I almost forgot. In regards to your second post, you should always use a modified diet and keep any fods that are proven to be acne triggers for you to a bare minimum. When you're clear you'll find that you can be a little lax with your diet and not experience too many problems if you keep everything in moderation. If you go too far, you'll run into problems and experience breakouts. If you go too far with your diet, acne will always result (eevn- tually). B5 will help but if you keep putting
  14. B5 does work and it works well, but it takes time. There is only a small percenatge of users that have found that B5 did not work for them. Keep in mind that in that small percentage there were those that didn't give it enough time to do it's magic or didn't take the recommended steps mentioned in the medical study. For mild to medium skin you must give it 3 months, with modified diet, to work. For medium to severe it could need up to 6 months in order to experience the clearing one is looking
  15. Yes, this could still cause an initial breakout. Even though you're not putting anything new into your system that could result in breakouts, you still have to realize that the B5 will metabolize fats that are in your system. These will be released into the bloodstream to be removed from the body. If your system is running efficiently then this may not bother you. This is why I suggest that B5 users also in- crease their fiber intake as well. This will help clean out the toxins/bad fats/impuri