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  1. Hello! A few months aho i started getting red in the creases on my face, the ones that lead from around the sides of the mouth and upto my nose, its worse on 1 side more than the other. The skin looks slightly bumpy and is red mainly around the skin folds. This has now spread down to the sides of my chin but its more like slightly brown patches, rather than red. When i look closely at the redness from my mouth to my nose and pull the skin so its flat, it looks more brown in colour. The skin t
  2. Shaving makes my skin worse. My facial hair has no effect on my acne, although now i only get about 5 pimples at a time now. Really improved since not shaving and using a beard trimmer. The products i use now, work just as good as before. Even with less shaving.
  3. Hello! I happened to be browsing myspace and read some girls profile, one quote was 'thank god for Acne Getaway'...........I did a search on google and found it was an actual product. Wondering if anyone has ever used it? Here is a link anyway........ http://www.acnegetaway.co.uk/ Might be me being negative but after looking at the progress pictures after using this product that such a massive improvement can be made in 18days, but i've not tried it! For a few quid it could be worth a shot..
  4. For a few months now i've had red skin around the creases that run from my mouth to my nose. Its never really sore, but sometimes feels a little tight. Its also runs from the corner of my mouth downwards, reddy/brown tinge to the skin and tiny bumps that can only been seen in artificial light. I use clinique moisturizer, and the rest of my face seems to be ok. I should get to the docs, but hoping someone might give me some idea of what it could be. I have no idea where its come from or what it
  5. Do you have any pictures at all or is this just a written log?
  6. BP is not for everyone, neither is Dan's regimen. I've tried BP, followed dan's regimen for months, my face was red, sore and hasn't really recovered. I have 2 red areas around the creases that run from the sides of my mouth, or close to.....upto my nose area.
  7. No i very much doubt that this could trigger acne in any way at all. Might be proven wrong, but looking at it from my point of view, think its an obvious no no.
  8. To be fair, alot of peoplein your situation might do the same. But to come on here blabbing about it just makes you look pathetic mate and you havent got over the past at all. Sorry for your pain when you were younger, but your now just as bad as them.
  9. Basically chaps im all but 24yrs ol and i've had acne for 6yrs now, just mildly persistant on my cheeks. When it started around 17-18, my mates had the same, a lot of lads had a few spots here and there, big deal. I had g/f's, socialised heavily..... looking back i dont think my skin was much better than it is now, but was it!? As i've become older and my acne persistant, i've become obsessed with my face, and how i look. I won't even go out if im not happy with my skin, years ago i'd have gone
  10. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry1171294
  11. Personally i hate razors for my skin, and a close shave often doesnt alloy my hairs to break through the skin again. If i have to do a close shave for something, then i do a facial scrub first to try and loosen and hairs that might be lying under the skin. Then i use a clinique shave cream. For months now ive used a beard trimmer, no irritation at all......which has a smaller attatchment on it to get close to the skin. It just leaves fine stubble that isn't long, but this method as helped my sk
  12. I might be wrong but here's my opinion! There are people with mild persistant acne like myself who have tried everything under the sun to even stop the 1 pimple from surfacing but it just doesnt work! I've tried the whole very healthy diet thing but its damn hard to stick to as a lot of you will know. People with clear skin.......eat junk food, consume loads of alcohol and they will probably have a little break out, it might be the bodies way of getting rid of all the toxins. I think diet doe
  13. Hello! I'm just wondering.......when i get a white head or just raised lump on the side of my cheek.....i often find beneath the skin layer there is white stuff that is like a hardened, this usually comes out as a whole and in the middle there will be a very wafer thin hair, like the small ones you get around the corners of your eyes....... Does anyone know what causes this..........1 side of my face is clear, i'm just struggling with one side at the moment and its really annoying Thanks GBM
  14. Hello! Basically i've been following the skin routine i have below with good results. One side of my face has been clear for several weeks now, but i'm struggling with the other. The bad cheek is like my other one used to be, thats now clear but the other isnt........ It might be to do with sleeping? I really cant see what it is as washing wise i do everything the same obvisously..... Suppose this is a tough one! I do change my pillow cases every 2 days.........mmmmmmmm...........