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  1. I was a chubby kid and family and family friends always teased about it. It didn't matter then but by age 12, I became very insecure and by age 14, I was thin, pale, and unhealthy.
  2. Yup! Ecamsule is also known as Mexoryl. Quite a few Canadian sunscreens contain it too. I order my sunscreens from Canada (since I'm in the US ...) but I don't think their UVA SPFs are as great as the ones in Europe. In any case, I'm excited this moisturizing cream is coming out too!
  3. Yeah, washing four times a day can be drying. Stick to washing a max of twice a day.
  4. Have you tried sunblocks? The active ingredient(s) in sunblocks are either zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or a combination of both. They're suppose to be less irritating to the skin since it isn't absorbed by the skin. The stuff just kinda "sits" on the skin surface, making a thin layer that blocks out most of the sun's rays. I'm not sure where you're at but in the US, three that I know of are Vanicream, AquaSport, and TerraSport <-- clickclicks ^all are labeled noncomedogenic. Vanicrea
  5. the mod Dami4n made this thread awhile back: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=95101&st=0 i guess you could message him too for his opinions on UK spf products, etc.
  6. umm...i'd say just eat fruits and veggies. better for your health overall too. this is a great website: http://www.whfoods.com/eathealthy.php
  7. nice picture! hmm...this was some time ago... i'd suggest: spot treat with benzoyl peroxide, since you want to get rid of them quickly OR, if you have a sulfur mask or a sulfur & resorcinol cream/lotion, that'd help too (my experience at least) and afterwards, moisturize!
  8. I use to talk about it when my acne was bad but now that I just have marks, I don't really feel like talking about my blotchy skin too much. I guess I felt like talking about it before 'cause goodness was it obvious a mile away and it's just easier to let it out there instead of me being paranoid all the time.
  9. I do think humidity suits my skin better. Never any dryness and no chapped lips. Sweating 24/7 wasn't a problem either but it does make hair really frizzy (my experience too)....kinda like a broom.
  10. It's pretty common. I'm not exactly sure why.