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  1. I think health food stores are acctually the best place to go for aloe vera gel. I haven't bought any myself, but that's what I heard.
  2. Just to add to the previous post, BHA's are oil soluble, meaning that they can penetrate the pore and get ride of the gunk inside better than AHA's which mostly just exfoliate at the surface.
  3. Hey, Just for anyone who might be interested, I was at Shoppers Drug Mart this evening and noticed this 3-step system on sale for $16.99. That includes the Daily cleansing gel, Astringent toner and Shine control moisturizer. Sounds like a good deal to me! I almost bought one for myself to try, but decided I need to use up the pharmacy of products I accumulated at home first. I hope this helps someone!
  4. BP is such a popular and effective acne treatment that I'm sure neutrogena have or will put out another BP cream/lotion/gel. I think they are revamping their image and marketing strategy since many traditional products have been discontinued and tons of new products are being sold. Look for maybe another line of neutrogena products that might have a BP cream. I wish you luck on your BP hunt!
  5. Hmmm... this sounds somewhat promising. I'm almost tempted to try this line. I read that the main ance fighting ingredients in the Garnier Pure line are SA and zinc. Does anyone know how zinc benefits the skin and fights acne??
  6. Nooooooooooo!!!!! I also use Neutrogena Clear Pore treatment!!! And although it has not cleared me 100% it certainly does help tremendously! I am willing to try their Rapid Clear Acne Defence Face Lotion, it acctually sounds really good, cause I think I could skip the moisturizer with that one, whereas I have to use moisturizer with the Clear Pore. But I haven't seen it anywhere in Canada yet. I hope they don't leave me SAless.
  7. I was using Spectro Acne Care BP, which is a nice smooth lotion, but it comes in a very small bottle. So I decided to try PanOxyl Aquagel, expecting a nice smooth gel, but it was so grainy and hard to rub in!! I really did not like it. I think I just blew my money on that one! So I guess this really dosen't answer the question, but that's my experience. Although I don't know which one really is better, I prefer by far the smoother BP lotion.
  8. I have been noticing the same thing too. On two seperate occasions I relapsed from my gree tea to coffee and on both occasions I broke out like crazy. Big nasty whitheads!! So I started my green tea again yesterday and hopefully I'll clear up again. Green tea is said to have endless health benefits, so maybe it's all for the better.
  9. Well I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence....but in the last year I have "relapsed" from green tea to coffee twice and it seemed that on both occasions I broke out like mad!! These breakouts occured about a week and a half after drinking coffee again. Does anyone have any thought they would like to share on this topic?? Similar experiences?? I think it's pretty interessting and would like to hear from others. Thanks,
  10. :lol2: That's just to funny!! But it is so true! I love my green tea!! :wub:
  11. I have used it on my body, but I would never even think about putting in on my face!! I think it is too heavy for the face. I do love to use it after a shower on my body. It is fast absorbing and keeps my skin soft.
  12. Thanks for your reply iceboi. I will keep it in mind once I'm done with the cream I'm currently using.
  13. iceboi, did you find that the sensitive skin formula helped with redness? As much as I love the combination/oily skin formula, I wouldn't mind something that really calms the skind down when it's red and irritated. Thanks,
  14. I use the Olay moisturiser for combination/oily skin and I must say it does work to control oil. I really like it alot. I already went through one bottle of the lotion and I am now using the cream, which is the same thing only heavier, keeps my skin moisturized better during the Canadian winter. It is pricey, but I think it's well worth it. But I must warn everyone, some people tend to breakout with olay moisturizers. I personally have not, but I'ver heard from others who have.
  15. Thanks for all the replies guys. I tried mixing it in with some aloe vera gel and put it on at night. It mixed really well and went on smoothly, but the smell!!! I had so much trouble falling asleep because of the smell!! So I don't know if I'm going to stick to this.
  16. ok, what I do is put a big glob of aloevera in the palm of my cupped hand. About the size of a 50p piece. I them put 3-4 drops of TTO on top and mix it in as you suggested. It goes white and cloudy and then you just apply it like a normal moisturiser. If it doesnt rub in immediately, dont keep rubbing! leave it for a couple of minutes and it will soak in - alternatively pat your face with your finger tips to encourage the skin to soak it up. Feels great afterwards! So if I wanted
  17. I also have very clogged/congested pores. Those of you who recomend SA washes, what type do you think is best? Liquid? Cream? 2%? What about SA toners/astringents or medicatied pads?? I'm tying to clear up with SA, but I'm not sure what form is best.
  18. I'm interested in using TTO also... but I don't know how.
  19. Same here. Just letting my skin chill for a bit, cause I was really overdoing it with different products, and I'm positive it made things worse. Now I just have to work on not picking!!
  20. I've tried this product and it seemed to be working great. It's called Acnomel, has 8% sulfur and great reviews on drugstore.com. The reason I stopped using it was that it has a very unpleaseant smell and texture, but I'm still keeping it in the back of my mind. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...UY-PLST-0-BRAND
  21. I tied this. I also used their moisturizer. They made my skin REALLY dry. I don't know if it was the combination of both or what, but I din't like it at all!
  22. This definitely has an effect on acne. Especially if you use hair products and don't wash your hair before going to bed. I sleep on my right side and the right side of my face is the one with most of the breakouts. I'm trying to sleep on my back more, but it's hard!
  23. well I think your otameal soap should be just as good as the aveeno stuff. I'm thinking of looking for another brand of oatmeal soap in a health food store or something like that once I'm done the aveeno. The aveeno is pretty expensive, but the difference it made! Wow! I'm just really happy with the results and wanted to share!
  24. Hey iceboi, Acctually I'm using neither of the ones you mentioned. The one with SA you are refering too is from the Clear Complexion line. I have tried that one in the past and found it to be very drying. Both the Positively Radiant and the Clear Complexion line are made primarily with soy. The one I'm using is called the Clear Skin Bar. That one is made with oatmeal, and I think that is the ingredient which provides gentle exfoliation and keeps my skin healthy. It's indicated to be for