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  1. I'm going insane with my acne right now. Go away inflammation!!!
  2. From the album: Off the Regimen

    Morning Routine - clindamycin-benzoyl peroxide gel - doxycycline 100mg Night routine - doxycycline 100mg - tazorac 0.05%
  3. I've been in and out of this forum for the past 6-7 years. My acne has gotten progressively worst. Sigh. I wish my acne would just... just!!! heal and be clear. So let's remind ourselves to smile every day, be postive, because we're in it for the long haul. We'll beat acne.
  4. Daphnis

    Before The Regimen

    FrankPlk, thank you for the compliment. This is definitely the worst side of my face. Beaksauce, I'm actually deterred from taking accutane because it has side effects I'd rather not have. If I were to take it then it may return... accuatane is no cure all... But when the time comes I feel unbearable, I will ask my doctor for accutane.
  5. sasch12, I hope acne can go away soon!!
  6. Ammy, I started using the regimen after I broke out badly. Now I am just using the facial wash and moisturizer. Good luck to you! With most topicals, you usually have an initial break out and eventually break down less as you use it more. Don't give it up just yet.
  7. From the album: 2012 The Regimen

    I am only using the facial cleanser and the moisturizer for now. The BP did nothing help change my skin much.
  8. Alex81, I started Dan Kern's Regimen 7 weeks ago. I may want to consider holistic treatment. I have a good diet, but I may have to consider eating more organic foods. I can't do prescription treatment because I just don't have the money :( cvd, these red inflamed marks appeared one day, all at once, in early December. They did not contain cystic pus at all so it makes me wonder if these marks are a result of bacteria on my pillow. Is it possible for the bacteria to enter my skin and just make
  9. Hi everyone. I've had these red acne-like marks on my cheeks for 4 months. They've been increasing in number and I'm quite at a loss what to do. Can anyone help me identify if this is still acne? These red marks are not elevated. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/gallery/image/45396-week-4/ I am on The Regimen and I slather on the BP on my cheeks.
  10. k3tchup puts it succintly and I agree. However way you want to rationalize it, acne is biological. And you can't control your body's biology, but you can control how you treat your skin (in attempt to control the acne).
  11. You've experienced first hand just how people can be completely ignorant about acne. The next time that happens to you, refute with a witty remark. Don't let it get to you, because a stranger's words should not affect your life, your happiness.
  12. I understand how you feel. What helps me is live your best life now. Be selfish to preserve your individual self. Keep your self-confidence intact by communicating with others and focus on a goals. By talking with people more, you expose yourself to new situations and people that when you encounter these feelings you will know how to rationalize yourself out of them. I used to put myself down a lot by making it an attractive vs. acne world, but that's not entirely the truth. There are grey areas
  13. From the album: 2012 The Regimen

    I've got 5 pustules. One pustule is a four in one
  14. Daphnis

    Before The Regimen

    dykim90, I've had acne since I was 13-years-old. This is certainly a turn for the worst for my skin
  15. This is going to sound silly. When I successfully keep myself busy (and get into the flow of work with good concentration), I smile at the end of my work. I used have cats but I had to put them up for adoption (expensive to keep on a student budget)
  16. That freedom and confidence you speak of is exactly what I feel when I remove my contacts/glasses. That confident is so awesome that I don't even worry about my skin. I wish I can make do without the corrected vision, but I really need my glasses/contacts because without them, I can't get around