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  1. Dont be nervous! I shit myself about taking roaccutane so i kno how you feel but it will help you. I tried all the products on the market too, their all rubbish! Be aware that it will make your skin worse to make it better. I have pics of what i went through with roaccutane in my old gallery, but look at my results at the end and how its kept me like that up to now. It changed my life and it will do the same for you. The only side effects i had was REALLY dry skin, try not to panic. Best wishes
  2. Confidence is sexy. Sometimes i feel good looking but I dont seem to be able to get a girl which makes me think maybe im not so. My skin is so unpredictable and this is what keeps my confidence low. Acne has emotionally scarred me and so too did my ex girlfriend, both play a part in my confidence.
  3. I've been through it all, i was on it for 6 months. I too was worried about taking these tablets especially after reading the side effects. I think they just like to shit you up but all i encountered was dry skin. You do get worse before you get better though, well i did anyway. But the results at the end are worth it believe me, you can see my photo gallery for what i went through. You will be fine, best of luck.
  4. I did this for many years too. The more you look, the more you pick, the more you get depressed. I've made up tons of excuses to get out of going out with friends because i dont feel comfortable. My friends all stopped inviting me out after a while and i became abit of a recluse. I know how shit it feels, believe me i've been there, you can look through my gallery for what i went through. You should really consider accutane, it is the best and ONLY product that worked for me. The BP i used was t
  5. I usually wait for special occasions like xmas, valentines day or the persons birthday and send em a card or something. Then just ask em out on a date in it or just tell them how i feel. Im very much the same as you, i can be confident as hell but just dont like being rejected. Sometimes id rather not know rather than know but then i might actually have a chance with them. So its kinda hard... You need to give her more signs that you like her in that way, depending on how she reacts to them will
  6. Its known as roaccutane over here and yes you can get it if you've tried all of the other shit given by the doctor. Its a last resort thing, i got to it eventually, very depressing. You have to see a dermatologist.
  7. People have told me im good looking but i personally do not feel it. Theres times when you think oh yeh i think i look good, go out and get rejected and you feel like shit. And because i dont seem to get anywhere with women i dont think im good looking no.
  8. Yes i relate to this in a big way. I was deeply in love (still am) with a girl for 4 years. She however doesnt feel the same about me anymore. Theres no worser feeling and it hurts like mad. But your not on your own with this, theres lots of people in the same situation. At the end of the day, you can only do what you can do, if it isnt good enough then thats that. Believe me when i say i did everything for this girl and i've done so much i have no idea what else to do. There comes a point when
  9. Then you are very lucky you have a good boyfriend, hes loves you and supports you. What more could you want? I really hope you dont let your paranior drive him away and i mean that respectfully. Be happy, you'll get the drug eventually and it will work. In the meantime you have a good solid relationship something that i'd die for and i dont have acne now. Your right, life is not at all easy, but if you make the right decisions you'll go further. Unfortunately i made mistakes and the wrong decisi
  10. I felt the same when i was on roaccutane but i was shocked at how brilliantly the drug worked in the end. You'll be surprised just give it chance, im faired skinned also. If you havent already seen my gallery i recommend you do as it shows what it cleared up on me and i was covered in marks and inflamed skin! Like i just said to someone else dont sit there letting your life crumble away believe me when i say you'll regret it. I know its hard but dude you dont wanna end up like i have, i lost eve
  11. someone said to me "you used to have really gorgeous skin, now its all spotty...i wouldn't let that girl you like see you"
  12. I know its hard, i've been there myself.. Try to focus on other things, hobbies or whatever. I waited about 3 months for my roaccutane and then it took a further 4-5 months before it cleared me, but before it did it made me a right mess! But even though my acne has gone (for now) my life still hasnt changed. I'm precarious about what i eat incase it brings it back, im a very lonely person because i drove all my friends away when i just used to stay in and hide in my room. I lost the love of my l
  13. I thought my life would change once i got rid of acne but in actual fact it hasnt. I looked around and realised what acne lost me, my girlfriend, my friends and all the great things i used to have. My phone never rings anymore, my friends dont bother inviting me out because i always made up an excuse to stay in when i had acne, my girlfriend has long gone and probably forgot about me. Dont wait for that moment, just carry on and be yourself otherwise acne takes everything away and you end up wit
  14. Freederm did nothing for me, i used it for about 2 and half months. Absolute shite.