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  1. Jonnozan

    B5 Log

    how much do these cost?
  2. Jonnozan

    B5 Log

    how much should be taken daily??? 10g?? how much should be taken daily??? 10g??
  3. Jonnozan


    how about salycic acid in a moustiriser? how else do you use that?
  4. Jonnozan


    please guys? im buying the product tmz? what to do?!?!?!
  5. Jonnozan


    right, i have been on the BP regime since september and its not working it takes the piss and i cant b bothered with it! so i was just wondering what would this be like? B5 Vitimins - not sure what amount?!?!??!?!?!?! Simple Soap for sensetice skin Maybe a moustiriser????? anything else you can add? I AM NOT CARRYING ON WITH THE BP!!! http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....39&slmRefer=000 that mousturiser??? http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....38&slmRefer=000 .......a
  6. whats it like off it? better? did you break out alot? im thinking about stopping oilness is just so annoying.....
  7. since septembe, still breaking out, really oily, still marks dont even bother with it goin to c a derm in a few weeks the oilyness is a happyflowers
  8. gonna go see my doctor tomorrow, how can i get on it??? just say i want to go on it!!!! i just want it gone and never come back really, my skin is really olily and my back and chest are quite bad, well i think, but my face is not that bad, just lots of marks and that, but oil is a serious problem. What should i say ? wud be gutted if he said no
  9. how long were u on it for? and did u have a breakout or anything???? once off
  10. is the summer better or winter better for our skin? as summer is starting i dont want to break out, ive noticed my oilyness is increased LOADZZ!!!!!!! cus of the humidity...........
  11. started regime on september, no where near clear by 3 months. Had a breakout at the start of the week, loads of red marks........Thats ummm 9months!! but i feel i am clearing now P.S i did use 10% bp for the first 4 and once switching too 2.5 its better
  12. go to halifax and get halifax cardcash, its a visa electron and can order anywhere, ive had it since i was 15 mate, its a propa debit card but u cant go and overdraft