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  1. IS accutane good for people that have moderate acne like i can't get rid of my nose having black heads and i still have little break outs..is it for me? I just want to be cured already
  2. hey proactive is just bp which you can get greater power of bp over the counter...dont use proactive jessica simpson and diddy didn't really use it... everyone that I know that has tried it worked for like 2 weeks then bang there face looked horrible
  3. Im using it right now about 5 weeks. Whats great about it is I dont get breakouts anymore really. My face has some whiteheads and my nose has blackheads on them but besides that my face looks great...just the frickin nose...
  4. i was thinking i probably should but my next appointment is 2 months which sucks if i have to wait that long... How bout those strip things do they work i got so many blackheads on my nose its horrible
  5. Most of my problem is blackheads on my nose it covers my nose.... I use tetrocycline and differin, and purpose but those obviously dont work..
  6. Okay heres all the crap I use: Differin, VaniCream, Purpose Soap, and TetraCycline Ive been on differin for like a year and ya it helps but still doesn't do enough. Ive been on tetracycycline now for like 5 weeks and it helped but still I got a lot of spots (blackheads) on my nose and some other spots.... I was wondering if I should take bp or what I should take....like maybe more of that regiman like do mostiruizers or w/e also I think I might have senstive skin b/c I can get red pretty easyil
  7. ackman that salt thing worked pretty good it turned it lighter I think Im going to do this tonight man I owe you so much...it still is big but not as bad.... i'll have to try that ice thing too
  8. how should I put the salt on the spot? I really dont have time i got first day and pictures tomorrow
  9. I already posted this but no one seems to want to help how do you get rid of a red spot on your face that looks retarded please help i look like a retard
  10. it turned a little lighter doing the eye drop thing and not as rough but its a big scab there I dont know how i can get rid of it i look like an idiot its so obviously when you look at me
  11. anyone got any ideas im deperate anyone know a good way to get rid of redness
  12. I have pictures tomorrow and I need help like big time... if had this weird thing by my mouth like i dont know what you would call it not even a pimple well last night.... I put toothpaste on it b/c that sometimes work but I felt horrible pain like worst than if ever felt before and I woke up and I have a huge red circle like a scab anyone know how I could maybe make this turn white or get rid of it