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  1. I've order from them a few times in the past- they have a shop on eBay. It wasnt the night treatment but 'general' 10-15% glycolic acid.
  2. I started getting oily skin again about 5 months after finishing my course. 40mg per day for 6 months.
  3. I've had this product for about 6 weeks now. Not sure about it having any beneficial effects on redmarks. I find it a bit too greasy for my liking- I bought the big tub too
  4. I've started a second course of accutane just for my oily skin, I've been taking 40mg per day (the same as on my first course- for acne!). I can tell for me that it wont 'last forever'. Upto about 6 months after my first course of accutane, my skin was very clear of any excessive oil- even in the hot summer. It then started returning a few months ago. I have quite a few red/brown marks on my face but the oil on my skin makes them look 10 times worst- straight after washing my face, my skin loo
  5. Yep in the same boat too- almost 27 years old- finished a course of accutane just over a year ago and my skin was great for about 5-6 months after- during which period life was absolutely great! No problems in going out and chatting to people, being confident etc. Unfortunately my oily skin has relapsed in recent months and things are almost back to how they were before I started accutane. Acne/bad complexion is still not considered normal in our lives- in a way, for example being overweight i
  6. With due respect to the methods described- for some, 'super-oily' skin is a right pain in the you know what. I've tried various supplements etc, and like a poster mentioned, accutane was the only thing that made my skin look normal- and yes it was temporary for me- about 5-6 months after finishing the course. I am now taking a second course JUST for the oily skin.
  7. Yep, my oily skin came back after about 6 months, the tane did a good job on the acne but it was always the oily skin that i went on the drug.] Thinking about going on it again- yes just to stop the oily skin!
  8. I get this 'plastic look' too. I believe its down to dead skin on the face not yet shedding with trapped oil underneath.
  9. There's having a glow to your skin and having just plain oily skin. I've started getting very oily skin after about 6 months finishing my accutane course. My skin is clear from acne but I would seriously rather had the odd spot than oily skin anyday. Am thinking of starting accutane again, purely for the oily skin as nothing in the past has ever worked for it.
  10. This seems like 'dead skin', i get it too sometimes- after a few days of normal cleansing and exfoliating it usually goes away. I believe it is the 'trapped' oil beneath the dead skin that causes this.
  11. I took B5 pills about 2-3 years ago with no effect. I took 20 a day for 7months! Well the search goes on i guess. Thanks for your reply.
  12. Hey all, As per subject really.... Finished my accutane course around about April last year and it seems to have done a good job on getting 'rid' of my acne. But even before getting significant acne, my problem always was oily skin. Whilst accutane reduced this by about 70-80% for a few months after finishing the course, it is now coming back and is just so annoying. What are people taking to keep it under control? Do I really need a second round of accutane if I dont have acne but just oily
  13. I finished my course back in late March, all seemed to be well until about a month ago, where i could tell the oil was coming back as before. It really does make the skin look kind of bad; it doesn;t help that i get pigmented skin quite easily too- the oily skin makes it look even worst. I must say accutane has by far been the best medicated drug that ive used for my acne, but it i hate to think that it is ended up like all the others and not going to work for me. Had to use a 10% glycolic pe
  14. I finished back in the end of March 2006- skin was looking good from about 3 months after, but now the oily skin is coming back, not much, but it is there. I don't remember having any [servere] sort of acne lesion since finishing- probably the same (type and frequency) as any one with 'normal skin. I still could do with using something for my uneven-ish skin tone, redness, bit of hyperpigmentation etc. But all this is much much more noticeable when the skin gets oily otherwise all is good
  15. Ah many reponses, thanks... Well i think it's the fact that most of us here are making a conscious effort to get ourselves looking 'better'. I do agree with 'finallymejess's' post.
  16. Quite strange really. I am by no means a shallow person, but I met someone a week ago and could not help but notice blemish marks on their face. I had it bad for the last 20 months odd; now I am pretty much cleared up... Do people here think that we become conscious about what others' skin looks like after we have suffered ourselves?
  17. First of all, congrats on your 1000th post :D The other things I am doing, are to use a glycolic face wash now and again so as to help shed the dead skin cells. I don't want to do a full on acid peel, since last time, things didn't go too well! I think my oily skin is probably more to do with genetics- therefore more than likely chronic. I've tried things like B5 in the past but did absolutely no good. I will have to look into a face mask or something.
  18. This happened to me too; i dont think you need to up the dosage... What i think is happening to you is that your skin is drying up but dead skin cells are not shedding quick enough therefore blocking your pores and the oil not being able to escape. If you continue on the same dosage, I'm pretty sure that your old skin will start shedding quite soon, Unfortunately, the 'oily skin' stage is one that cannot be avoided for some people.
  19. Sorry i forgot to mention that I use the L'Oreal men expert Pure and Matte gel already. Although it helps, i still get oily skin towards the afternoon of the day. I've always tried to find a solution for the root of the problem as opposed to temporary fixes. Was on accutane for 7 months and that has helped to get rid of active acne; now its just trying to find a good routine to keep things that way. I'd rather have a few blemishes here and there with drier skin than 'clear' and oily.
  20. Sorry for the delayed response.... Are Tazorac cream and Yasmin BCP available in the UK? Ok perhaps a silly question, how are these two applied together? presumably Yasmin is topical too? Thanks for the replies BTW, I am male
  21. The scabbing either comes about from leaving on the acid for too long or using one that is too strong for your skin. Ditto to the other reply- you must be extremely careful when using the 'higher' percentage of glycolic- no sun, abrasives, etc. Actually, I have diluted a 30% with water, enough so I could use it every other day- this, at the time I found was more beneficial to me.
  22. I was recently reading one of the 'sticky' post in this forum and found a link saying, glycolic acid works on the upper skin and retin-A induces 'normal' skin cell growth from the beginning.
  23. Hi all, As per subject really... I've been off accutane coming up to about 6-7 weeks, but I'm still getting oily skin. This was my main problem before starting accutane too- overily oily skin. I've seen pictures of people with acne but their skin doesn't not appear overily oily/shiny. Me still having oily skin makes the overall appearance of my face a lot worst- marks (brown and red) seem more prominent. I've not got active acne anymore but i'm sure if i dont keep the oil skin under control
  24. I've used a number of mattifying gels.... One was a product from Phytomer- did a good job, pretty expensive at about £17-19 for 50ml I'm currently using L'Oreal Pure & Matte Anti-regreasing Gel- does the job just as well but only cost about £7-8 for the same quantity. Neither made my skin even more oily after use- the only thing I can add is it probably last for about 6-8 hours depending on oilyness then needs to be reapplied (after cleansing of course).