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  1. creamy

    My dumb self

    Lovely tacos
  2. Go to a doctor, get diagnosed if you really do have a problem. Don't let shyness control your life. I recommend lexapro.
  3. I went months without doing it[orgasm], didn't affect me(skin wise) at all. Plus my doctor told me sex had no affect on acne. I don't why he said that, because I didn't have acne at the time. :-k Eh, it's masturbation(thread title.).
  4. Yes I do, but only on the north-eastern side. But the newfies haven't mastered boat travel yet, still working on the wheel. (I have to pick on Canada.)
  5. There isn't, we(my family) moved here 8 years ago from Las Vegas Nevada, then before that Chile. So again, pfftt!
  6. I still don't see how the link I posted was selling a woo-woo idea since it wasn't even selling anything.
  7. Hi volant, I assume that your claims are based in medical findings, so could you please state your sources? (The source that says "10% connection", and the source that says "10% placebo") Thanx
  8. Diet and acne seem to be connected in 10% of people. The same amount that placebos work in, eh. :-s
  9. I used to follow this school of thought but not anymore. I've been following a sugar free (refined sugar, that is) diet for a month now and am getting a lot less breakouts. Any zits I do get seem to coincide with me sneaking in something that has sugar in it. fromchicago: if you believe that your skin reacts to chocolate then this site might be of interest to you: http://www.thiele.fptoday.com/ta/acnehome.htm