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  1. well i went to the dermatalogist about two weeks ago. i had about 40 zits (most just regular small pimples). i was going to ask the derm for duac gel since one of the members on this forum had such great luck with it. the derm had no problem prescribing duac for my achne, but he also prescribed differin gel. ok back-tracking my skin; i had VERY oily skin and lots of zits everywhere. differin has worked miricals on my skin to compleatly STOP the oil! i'm so amazed! i remember today i was telling
  2. i had the same problem and i recently fixed it. the solution? murad face wash and differine gel (for the acne). i learned that the acne medicines i was using made me produce ALOT of unwanted oil. i used Avita cream and i've never been so oily in my life. thankfully, my doctor swited me to differine. my acne is looking alot better too!
  3. i had this same effect with minocin. GET OFF ACCUTANE! it messes your body up sooooo much! it took a month after i got off minocin for my body to be normal again. the symptoms only get worse the more you're on acutane. i suggest stoping accutane and calling the derm or researching the symptoms. i had a really rare symptom to mino and i kept feeling sick and going home from school and i visited the doctor so often and they couldn't figure out what was wrong until i switched doctors and they told
  4. Age: 16 Sex: F School/College: ----- Acne status: pimples and cysts Favorite thing about yourself: everything (exept my acne) What would you change about yourself (other than acne): i'd make myself really smart so i wouldn't have to study for tests Favorite movie: Jenny, Juno Favorite book: The year my life went down the loo What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): dermatologist so i can cure acne!!! Sports other interests: soccer and swimming Compare yourself to an animal: seal-
  5. i have really oily skin too. i don't use moisturizers because it makes me get even more oilyer faster! i use murad facial wash to control my oil. it really works as long as you're not using avita with it. avita cream (from the derm) makes you EXTREAMLY oily so if you're using that i suggest you get off and try something else for acne and oil.
  6. large pores are genetic so you can't do much there. i suffer of oily skin too and i found that murad face wast kept my skin shine free and i didn't get reddness. it's kinda expensive but it helped my shine alot! also, it could be the bp you're using. i was on the whole murad kit and i didn't get oily at all. then the kit stopped working so i switched to avita cream and i got oily again. luckily the wash kept the oil gone for awhile longer than a normal wash would. i hope this helped!
  7. *bump* i'm really curious about duac too. anyone have any experiences with it?
  8. i was in your same shoes about a year ago. i switched to tetracyclin and avita cream (from your derm) it helped SOOO much! my acne went from sever to moderate. tetracyclin really clears skin up! i'm on it now and i can see the difference in just 4 days of use!
  9. they have those moisturizers out. i think i got the clean and clear one. it made my skin even more oily!!! just because it says it controls oil doesn't mean anything. i've found that all moisturizers (mattifying or not) make me even more oily. what helps for oily skin is masking before you leave the house. i did that last night before my dance and *shock* i wasn't oily!!! i mean talk about a great skin night!
  10. all i can say is beauty hurts...sorry it had to be as painful as it was.
  11. thank you you guys for those tips! i know how it feels to have proactive work and then magically stop working. i hope murad doesn't do that to me!!! anyways, i'm sticking to my murad and avita cream regimen. my skin has never looked better! even my scars are dissapearing! i talked to the member Scorpio and she suggested i try duac gel from a derm to help clear my acne up to the fullest. so i asked mom to make an appointment with the derm to try duac. i can't wait! so when i apply this to my reg