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  1. I have superficial facial scars. I've tried restlane, retin-a and sciton laser. But nothing has worked. My self esteem is very low and I'm so scared to have a boyfriend. I don't want him to see me without my makeup. I've been looking up using permanent makeup to cover facial scars. Does anyone have any opinion on this topic? It will be like a permanent foundation on my face so almost like getting a tattoo with skin color onto the scars. This way it will give me a clear complexion hiding my scar
  2. my scars are superficial scars. thats what my derm said. But guess to everyone their own scars look worse. I'm using the permanent makeup to cover scars not redmarks. I actually dont' have redmarks. I had sciton laser done previously but i think my skin is lighter now so its uneven skin tone. did the permanent makeup look natural? or can someone tell its not natural?
  3. i looked it up and it seems plausible. since it seems like laser and all those other procedures are not working to make the scars "disappear". so why dont we try to hide them behind makeup? I wear makeup everyday to hide my scars. But I'm getting tired of wearing it constantly and scared of people's reaction when they see the real me. I haven't dated for awhile because of low self esteem. I'm looking into it and possibly thinking of going for it.
  4. i've been looking at going to get permanent makeup to hide my scars? has anyone looked into that? using makeup to camoflaougge our scars so that it appears we have a clear complexion?
  5. i have a couple of deep ones but the rest are very subtle scars according to the derm. i was hoping the sciton laser will "get rid" of my scars but i was actually quite diasppointed. I found that after the sciton laser my skin got oilyier, and bumper at the beginnging. I'm asian so it lighten up my skin, making my face a lighter. I was glad that i found this forum cause i get to read people's actual experience. so i would suggest looking around this forum to see what works before jumping into th
  6. i understand completely!! Wish i could go back in time and just stay as a kid forever. It was more fun and relax. Nobody cared about looks, weight, boys...only about having fun. I miss it soo much:(
  7. try using oil blotters....they take away the shine. i use them. you can get them at shoppers drug marts for cheap. Or you can go to a comestic counter (estee lauder, clinique..whatever one) and buy them but they are more expensive.
  8. Wow i'm surprise by the amount of people laser had "mess up their face" I belong in this group somewhat. I went to get sciton laser to treat my scars. (not from acne but from a bad childhood experience) the derm made it sound soo possible. clear skin free of scars if i did it. So i did. my scars were not improved. I think i got a couple more scars infact. and my skin texture has become rough and i have a very oily T zone now ( which i never had..use to be dry dry skin). My face is in fact worse
  9. I'm not a perfectionist. I just want to be "normal" I don't have to deal with acne like everyone else. I just have scars from a very hurtful childhood experience. I'm not skinny, I'm not drop dead gorgeous. I'm fair looking and at a healthy weight. I just want a clear face so i can go on with my life. I just want to be like average girl. enjoy life, party, have wild sex:) and just enjoy being a girl before i turn old. is that too much too ask for??
  10. I want love...thats if i find a boyfriend first. Girl friends could you tell me how you found your man? I'm scared with my scars. I don't want anyone to get close to me in case they see my scars and reject me. I want a boyfriend but i don't want him to run in fright when he sees my face. Girls, how did you find such nice understanding man in ur life.. i wish i had that. Love ...i hope one day it will reach me.
  11. Just out of curiosity...did anyone ask their derm after a treatment why it did not work for you? Cause whenever i talk to my derm about the sciton laser he said the results will be a vast improvement but i see no change. I plan on asking my derm when i go back for a check up in October. I just want to know if other people has ask their derm and what the derm's reply was.
  12. city girl: thats good the laser treatment didn't mess up your face. I'm really happy for you. my derm told me to go back in a couple months so hopefullly he can say something good. He also said the "pink will fade". I'm counting on it. My scars did not improve at all. but i did find a couple scars that weren't there before i had the laser done. I plan on asking my derm and he better give me a good reason. I had laser done to try to improve my skin not to add more scars. I did hear alot about fra