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  1. I'm serious, Brandy. I'm liable to find out where some people on this forum live and end up at their doorstep. I'm close to my breaking point. I came to this forum thinking people would be cool, seeing as how they've supposedly had acne before, but people have treated me like shit for the most part. And Brandy, I suggest you try to get me banned soon.
  2. so if you came on here and posted all your threads and no one responded you would be ok with that would you? you say you don't want help , then why continuosly post how shit you life is? Why post a picture of you arms cut? ←
  3. I think he hears what pertains to him. The most unique your life circumstances, the more likely general advice won't apply to you. And I disagree, I think if someone did give him good specific advice, he would listen to/attempt it. In any case, I think neither of us can say how he would act since that advice hasn't been offered yet. ←
  4. I'd take up boxing if I had the money to get a gym membership and a trainer.
  5. Why do people think they can solve my problems? Why do they think I am looking for their futile attempts at solving my problems? Have I asked for any advice from any of you? In any post i've ever made, have I asked anyone to solve my life on these forums? People need to be heard, and that's all i'm looking for. I just want someone to hear my screams. That's ALL. Give it up, and look at yourselves, folks. You're not listening, you don't care, and you just want to serve yourselves by offering up
  6. This misses the point entirely. Don't tell him what he is willing to do...he tried (and actually went for training) to get a job, and couldn't do it. In any case, you just treated the symptoms in the first 1/2 of your post. He has a willingness to change now, but it'll take a lot more creative advice than just saying "you have to get consultations and get a job and network and be willing to help yourself" to change his current state. Stop underestimating his life circumstances and give him advic
  7. Stabilize and ignore you. There was a good case study done by D.L. Rosenhan called "Being Sane In Insane Places." But anyway, it would justify not going into hospitalization. Private practices are statistically the best at treating mental disorders, but like you said, a private physician is not a reality for you. I still wholeheartedly agree with you. "Get help, money shouldn't be an issue" is absolutely not good advice, and is absolutely not a reality. I wish I was more creative and more educat
  8. It is very logical actually. The abusers do need help, but the abused need counseling as well when the experiences have affected their lives beyond their control and coping level. I agree with Brandy in regards to free services - there are always options available, so lack of money should not be an excuse. ←
  9. Marie, I didn't ask for anything from any of you. Stop acting as if I did. I made this thread to express my feelings, and I didn't ask for any replies. If you want to reply, that's your business. I got abused for no apparent reason in this thread. Posting on here is my therapy. I can get everything off my chest. However, the negativity I receive is making it hard for me. The moderators aren't doing their jobs, either. I've had many posts deleted or put to a hault, but when someone abuses me, th
  10. LMAO @ a family physician. I live in a 5,000 dollar single wide trailer. People like me don't have family physicians. And please get real, Brandy. I've been in a psychiatric ward five times in the last three or four years. It was a free, and the only thing they did was monitor my actions and give me medications. I'm a statistic to them, and they don't offer counseling. They only give counseling to people they feel still have a chance. The only way I can see a doc is by getting admitted into a
  11. Brandy, no offense, but please don't be stupid. That's like telling the poor people in New Orleans that they should've gotten in their Suburbans and went to their summer home when the hurricane struck. If I call a counselor, what shall I pay them with? My mom's waitress money that can barely keep us alive in a single wide trailer? Also, no counselor can help me. Most importantly, why the fuck do I need counseling when i'm the one being constantly abused? What about the people who abuse me? Rea
  12. I'm sorry, but you can only abuse a person so long before they snap. I advise people to stop fucking with me, because in essence, the abuse I receive is just as bad as what will be my reaction if it doesn't stop. Ten years, folks, and it will stop. Just don't fucking address me or talk about me if you have something negative to spew.
  13. "and in doing that, acne really is itself a learning disability or conducive to one." I absolutely agree. However, if I told someone who didn't understand the effects of severe acne and scarring that it's also a learning disability, they would laugh. I've actually told my family members this, and they deny it all day long. They say i'm just fine. Yeah, i'm just fine alright. I only have my mom now, and you know what's sad, she doesn't love me as much as my half-sister because i'm weak. It's a d