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  1. a lot of people don't see improvement until the end of their courses on accutane (sortret)...so wait and see. my derm told me most people see a lot of improvement in the 2nd-3rd months, but i didn't see any until like the 4th-5th. good luck
  2. could a god who created the whole universe create a "chi" that pervades it? i think so...fight on christians!
  3. don't listen to above post. i get muscle spasms (and eye twitches) now and never have b4 i took accutane (been off for like 8 months). welcome to accutane, hopefully this side effect is temp.
  4. They are needed not IN NEED Gregas. If you want to make fun of someone's typing/grammar skills, I suggest proofreading your own post prior to commenting. Mac, I'm sure if you went to a laser specialist you would be lucky to get out of there without having laser treatment. On the other hand if you went to a derm that didn't have a laser, you'd probably get some topicals/antibiotics/accutane/etc...
  5. i'm on differin along with antiobiotics and it is keepin' me pretty clear ATM. Must say I have been on accutane and b4 the tane these treatments didn't do dick....
  6. i wonder how u still have hair if you've been losing it for 6 years... BTW try omega 3 supplements and some type of rogaine
  7. my derm told me up to a year, maybe longer
  8. antibiotics and differin and all that sucked for pre-tane but now works pretty well for me post tane. our faces change a lot from the tane, our oil glands aren't the same which allows treatments that were once futile to be useful.
  9. I think wating it out is gonna be the only treatment that will give you satisfactory results.
  10. By stating that the "singaporean" was ugly and "if i looked like that i'd kill myself" you have come out and admitted you don't think of yourself as ugly. It seems to me you just wanted to come here, post a pic of yourself and hear people say "Oh no you are cute! Not ugly! Feel good about yourself!" And I bet it worked for ya... BTW, plenty of "average joes" are on TV, movies, etc. and they're getting hot sluts because in spite of their averageness they have confidence and aren't little bitches
  11. i'm still in the same situation, but i still have acne...hopefully time will heal us bro
  12. whoa, chill...and go back in a month and ask for accutane
  13. i get sore when i work out...i'm gonna try fish oil (i've been off for 5-6 months)
  14. i've got a red-ass face too, about 6 months after i finished, as well as chapped lips...i've got a meeting with a laser center for the redness this friday...good luck