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  1. Good luck. Although I dont think it'll work, depending on where you live water has all these kinds of pollutants and minerals
  2. Thats a good way to get rid of people with acne. You gather them all up in one place, bomb the city and we'll live in a perfect world after we do the same with fat, handicap and people with diseases. Nope, wont work
  3. Why'd you punch him in the nuts and not kick him...
  4. These things have mineral oil, so your basically removing oil to dump oil back on
  5. My mom's always saying that she'll be freaking happy when I die since according to her im a big annoyance. Ehhh I bet she'll get a ton of insurance money and get herself a house or something. Yeah, I wont be missed by my friends since I dont have any true friends. The rest of my family on my dads side wouldn't give two fucks since I'm hated by my grandmother. My dad wouldnt care. Yeah, I guess my sis will be sad for a day or two and get over it
  6. order in drugstore.com, the queen helene brand is a favorite among many so you as well get that one
  7. Im using sa(2.5) and ga(10) and its going okay so far for me except my face gets kinda oily
  8. 1 Sex/Age. Female/14 2. What color is your hair? Black 3. Short/Med/Long? Long 4. What type of hair style do you have at the moment? Straight but I kinda have frizzy hair 5. What shampoo/conditoner/special treatments do you use? Biolage hydrating shampoo and the normalizing detangling conditioner 6. What products do you use in your hair? nothing maybe some aloe vera gel at rare times 7. How long does it take you to fully style it? 2 mins to comb
  9. This sounds promising, I might give it a try, anyone know if it gets rid of acne in your hair? Since this is for the classic clean type w/o conditioner should I still use another form of conditioner on my hair? Any answers will be appreciated
  10. Huh? I dont get it, it made you break out more? Then when you stopped it your acne was better then your pre-acids usage? More details please
  11. Im using a glycolic acid with a salylic acid gel, should I stop
  12. Isnt GA short for glycolic acid? If so, glycolic acid is a type of AHA
  13. Water wont help it, but water helps ur skins elasticity so rember ur 8 glasses of water
  14. URGENT BENZOYL PEROXIDE WARNING!* Benzoyl peroxide generates free radicals in the skin. Its effect is similar to unprotected sun exposure. The redness of the skin (erythema), caused by sun exposure and benzoyl peroxide, is the result of free radicals (oxidative stress) upon the skin. Repeated sun exposure or benzoyl peroxide use generates free radicals that damage the skin's structure and cellular DNA, resulting in premature aging of the skin. The extent of the damage and aging from benzoy
  15. I heard bp makes ur scars appear more red. It also causes premature agin btw
  16. Dan's regimen says to use the BP first but you can do it either way I guess. I just use both products together before and I put the aha lotion first then dan's bp(im not on his regimen though) Olay complete spf 15 normal
  17. I also used both products. I didnt lik the souffle, it broke me out and made my skin oily. It did make my skin smooth though. I think the product is breaking your face out which is okay, it mentioned it on the jar.