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  1. Have you tried sugaring? It's like waxing but a more natural alternative. It's not going to completely remove all the hair so you might have to shave as well. You can make it at home or you can buy it in stores, its a lot cheaper when you make your own but you may have to make numerous batches before you get one at the right consistency. I also second AHA, you can use vitamin e oil as well.
  2. I've used it before and I found it to be okay only. There's also these other additives in toothpaste as OmegaisJaded mentioned such as flouride, so I wouldn't use it.
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the replies =) I'm looking at makeupartistschoice, and I'm wondering what oz kit to get? How much applications can you get out of say the 1 oz kit? The website states there are no peeling, is this true for glycolic acid peels? I was thinking about stopping at the end of August when school resumes because I would have to go to classes, but if there is no downtime, then I can continue to use it xD I'm not looking at TCA peels at the moment because its a stronger peel, but
  4. Are the chances of it going wrong high? I was hoping to start with a relatively low % like 35% or so... I'm a student so I don't have tons of cash, how much does your aesthetician charge you per go?
  5. Hello, I'm interested in doing some glycolic acid peels. I was wondering which websites carry reputable brands? I was going to buy one off amazon but I heard that strengths vary and I'll like to get a good one. Also, can this be used with active acne? Can I just avoid the areas with pimples? And does this work on red marks as well? I heard that some skin prepping is needed, I have some Alpha hydroxy body lotion, would that be good to prep my skin? I've used Alpha hydroxy products before and I
  6. I'm curious, how do you use it as a cleanser? Do you just apply it, massage it and then rinse off?
  7. Stand tall with your chin parallel to the ground. When you walk with your eyes on the ground you will feel inferior but if you look others in the eye you will gain confidence.
  8. Your manuka honey is way too high. There's a lot of different opinions on google. This website recommends 16+: http://benefitofmanukahoney.com/umf/ This one 16+ to 18+ for external uses: http://www.manukahoneyusa.com/UMF-Rating.htm So, I will say 16+ is about right. With manuka honey, higher UMF does not equal better because the higher the UMF the stronger it is at killing bacteria, and your skin is suppose to have bacteria. I use 15+, if you decide to buy a lower UMF manuka honey make sure
  9. How are you applying the ACV and manuka honey? I've used ACV before and found that it made my pores bigger and face oiler =\ I have manuka honey at home. You can mix it with cinnamon into a paste and apply as a mask for 15 minutes. I think it is better to apply manuka honey to pimples only (to sleep in) because its really strong stuff it can kill healthy bacteria along with bad ones.
  10. I would say go for it!!! I went to beaches last year, and I noticed a slight improvement in my skin, I never stayed for a super long time though since I can't swim. One thing to take into account is, is the beach populated? You might want to go early in the morning, the water would be cleaner. Best of luck to you
  11. Even if it wasnt for clear skin, you should still be drinking lots of water.
  12. Hmm, check your local drugstore? Are you moisturizing as well? Another alternative: TTO, but there has been some controversies about its affects on males so you should google it before you go out and buy it.
  13. Wait, so is this recently? You might be allergic to gluten, nuts, etc. If its not recently, make sure you drink lots of water, eat your fruits and veggies and good luck finding a treatment =) (Yeah, I didn't know how to edit). Did you switch to a new brand of toothpaste? Does your toothpaste go on your chin while brushing your teeth? Make sure you rinse your face after working out
  14. Theres other methods of exfoliation as well ie sea salt. What you might want to do is after exfoliating, is to moisturize as well.
  15. I heard swimming at the beach is good for acne because of the sea salt.