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  1. I saw on CNN a story about the use of Laser PDT to clear acne. The treatment is used to fight skin cancer but it was discovered that it also improved patients' acne. It is reportedly still very new and not many doctors perform it for acne. But it sounds promising. There's a video clip at cnn.com/health. Edit: I should add that it's expensive, as suspected. US$500 per session, and 2 or 3 sessions are needed, says CNN.
  2. Ask your pharmacist to order Clinac O.C. It's a gel that keeps facial oil in control. It says it can be used along with topical medications, but I have not used mine since being on the regimen. You can get it online too: http://www.dermstore.com/product_Clinac%99...99+O.C._155.htm
  3. Hmm, OK. So, it's ice wrapped within tissue and then inside a ziploc bag?
  4. Maybe, but it didn't seem to do much on the other two. I just dabbed some on not too long ago, even though I should only apply twice a day. [-o<
  5. Thanks Jenn4dex. The good news is they haven't gotten bigger, so I'll hold off going to the derm. The bad news is they haven't diminished either after I put on some clindamycin last night. The one on my jaw actually became a whitehead this morning and I lanced it. I know this one and the one above my lip are gonna leave dark marks. ](*,) I may just go back to dousing bp on it. The bp has seemed to work more quickly in the past.
  6. Hey folks! Haven't made a post in a while, but during the day today, I noticed one of my zits, right above my upper lip, has grown noticeably into a small cyst, while another, about mid-chin, has become a large, red, but shallow cyst, even though I had put on some bp in the morning. I've been on the regimen for a few months, not religiously by any means, but consistently for the most part. Recently, I switched to a Neut Multivitamin-in-morning-and-bp-at-night regimen instead of bp twice a day to
  7. nappyjim, thanks for the advice. I would follow it but I'm going away on a week-long vacation this weekend and am hesitant to wreak havoc. I'll cover all areas once a day and see how this goes. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks, Animal. I'm more blotchy today and I've got a new, small papule above my lip, which has been a clear area for awhile. ](*,) So, I think the bp is irritating and I am backing off the treatment to once a day. I'm also confining the bp to just the blemishes and not all over my typical problem areas. Wish me luck. Edit: Seeing as how I really don't have cysts right now except the one above my lip, and mostly leftover red marks from past blemishes, maybe I will go with bp once in the
  9. Thanks for the info, niceguy. Being new around here, I'm trying to glean as much info as I can.
  10. Thanks, all. I'm a little red, a little blotchy today but nothing that warrants freaking out. The bp noticeably reduced a couple of small blemishes that were coming on, so that's nice. I might incorporate the Neutrogena Multi-Vitamin Lotion into the regimen to see if I can fade my brown marks more quickly. How's your progress, Ani and Animal?
  11. Sleepwalker, you're not alone. I seem to have these "cycles" too.
  12. Hi all, I'm glad I've found you! It sucks (and blows) to have to live with acne. I would say I've always been a borderline light to moderate, but it's gotten worse in the last few years (29 now). I've never had breakouts on my cheeks until this year. I've been on Retin-A, Differin, pretty much the gamut. Most recently, I was on BenzaClin, which helped clear me for the most part. Now, I'm left with those damn red/brown marks (my left cheek has nearly a perfect ring pattern of marks, weird! :-