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  1. You don't have to go in to get the benefits and you don't have to live in CA either. In fact, I have never been to their office. I am a long-distance patient and their program works wonderfully. Check their website for more details or you can always call them. http://www.facerealityacneclinic.com/
  2. Hi Everyone I used to be on here all the time looking for answers. Now I don't need to look any further. I spent so many years suffering from acne and I finally found something that works, Face Reality. They even customize a routine to meet the needs of your skin. If you don't believe me, check out the reviews. http://www.yelp.com/biz/face-reality-acne-clinic-san-leandro Good luck to you all! May you all have clear skin very soon. Now if I could only find something that works for the CA bar
  3. No. I've been on accutane twice and I still get cysts. I also get cortisone shots regularly and they do not always get rid of the cyst.
  4. Has anyone had a cyst excision before? I have three reoccurring cysts, two on one cheek and one on the other. I have tried so much to get rid of them, but I have seriously had them for over four months and they just seem to get worse. The rest of my skin looks decent, but these cysts are big and disgusting.
  5. I went on the apple and water detox diet on Saturday and today is my final day. My face has broken out quite a bit. My face usually doesn't break out this bad unless it is that time of the month. I was wondering if I am supposed to be breaking out as part of the detox. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks.
  6. Any suggestions on which mineral makeup to use for sensitive skin? My skin is so sensitive that if I barely touch it, I get a red mark. I develop acne almost instantly if I eat chocolate or fried foods too. I've used Bare Minerals for 4 years, but now its starting to make my face break out. Mac, Clinique, Jane Iredale and most drugstore brands all made my face breakout. I haven't worn makeup for over a week because my face is so messed up with eczema and acne.
  7. 1 with the ladies and 4 with your bf, but it depends on how dressy the club is.
  8. Hard to tell by your description, it could be an allergic reaction or even rosacea or eczema.
  9. I've also been on several different products and it is a very frustrating experience. Going to the dermatologist has just been trial and error. I've been on accutane twice and I still have acne. Its not as bad now, but accutane gave me alot of scars and while I was on it, my face was the worst its ever been. Don't go on accutane unless its a last resort because it will really make your acne worse before it makes it better and its not a guarantee that you will never have acne again. Plus there ar
  10. Anyone had great luck with Yaz and switched to Doryx? Or has anyone with moderate acne tried Doryx? I'm afraid to try it because its in the tetracycline family and when I tried tetracycline 10 years ago, I got acne and scars. Maybe its different now, I don't know.
  11. Cera Ve. Its not that expensive and very soothing.