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  1. ive used countless numbers of cleansers and none has done the job..some moisturizers? .and what can i buy otc that gets rid of the red marks on the cheeks and stuff...today was one of those days, when i realized again that wow i have terrible skin........
  2. i had a quick question. I usually have whiteheads and if i pop them they obv. cause scarring. But if i dont pop them and let them be they still cause scarring cause they turn all hard and crusty if you dont touch them and like comes off either in the shower or in everday activites.and lastly if i apply bperoxide on the whitehead, scarring still occurs.any opinions or new techinques i should try or do.thanks a bunch.
  3. well,i have a bunch of the aloe vera plants at my house and ive been using it on my face and shoulders (a while back), but in my experiences my redness looked the same and didnt clear up any acne...i would think that the real plant might work better than the gel but i might go to target tommrow to look for some of the aloe vera gel, just to try out and hopefull get rid of the redness of the scars
  4. hi, i was wondering if there are different type of scars because i just didnt know...i have like a smooth face but there are like red marks all around...i guess it seems like its in my face/skin? but it's smooth i guess, any feedback would be appreciated.
  5. but ive heard by doing peels you can make your scarring worse while on accutane....
  6. hi...im on accutane and i was wondering if there are any successful products to use while on it...i heard if you use stuff it can make scarring worse..any feedback would be appreciated!